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Bonora Shoes.

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How good are these shoes?
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Generally, good. Once again, Bonora is another Italian label that produces product at a myriad of different price ranges. The markup in the United States is significant as compared to Europe, a la Santoni. Styling is a bit more conservative for the American market--fewer giant welts favored by many higher-end Italians (Lidfort, Betanin, Mantellassi, StefanoBi) while maintaining the slimline last.
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I remember seeing a couple of pretty decent samples @ Louis Boston at around $600. Nice workmanship, distinct look. They actually looked better than the following
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I am not a shoe expert so can't get into the nitty gritty. I've seen several at Louis that looked great.

I bought a pair through Yoox (they may still have some) that I am very happy with. The ones on Yoox or more agressive than the ones they used to have at Louis.
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