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help on this look

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How should I choose the color of my socks when wearing jeans...with casual shoes other than sneakers...lets say something similar to this

Should I match the color of the socks to the shoe and wear black socks ??

Im pairing this with a Le tigre polo shirt..

Thanks !
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The word is match your socks to your pants to lengthen your legs.
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someone found the smilies
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Those are ummm, pretty nice shoes I guess.
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Jeans are different from dress pants. Go with a neutral color socks (grey would be appropriate with those shoes) or something bright and fun, an argyle for instance. Don't match either your shoes or your jeans.
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Are those by Ecco? If so I had a pair I wore for work. THE most comfortable shoes ever!!! And in NY where you do tons of walking they were perfect. Didn't last too long though - piece of shits!!
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Some less drab ideas:


I've got a pair of last year's bright yellow with a blue pattern up the side that look great with jeans, but maybe not with those black lumps.
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OK...Thanks for the useful responses...Now i'll go with either grey or charocal. and Yes JoMak those are from Ecco.
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I wear bright colored socks with jeans, like pinks and yellows and baby blues. And I never match them. I'm cool?
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Originally Posted by seanchai
I'm cool?

If you have to ask.............
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Agree on the neutral socks.
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