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When it really starts getting hot out I take it down to skin. It makes a really good heat sink, so when you get over heated you just put an ice pack on your skull, or run it under a water fountain or something readily available.

The only major downside is that you have to always, always, always wear sunscreen or a hat. Id be in constant sunburn hell till I started doing that.
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Well, after trying to cut my hair and getting a decent cut, I tried to touch it up today with a different electric razor and it cut a patch of hair way to short on the side of my head . Looking like someone walked up and did the jackass electric razor to head thing. So I thought I might fix it by cleaning the rest of the sides and back, and end up what looked like a bowl cut with a 2 on the sides. Im gonna buzz it all off, yet again. Buzz cut again, and at 2 am! From Moe to Curly
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I've been cutting my own hair for the last 5 years. 3/8" attachment on a clipper, once a week. Why pay for a buzz cut?
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wow, back from the dead! If buzzcuts work for you then awesome, go for it. I've been buzzcut since... what, fourth grade and I never went back. I'm fortunate that it works for me and that it's so easy.
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