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shave it all off, let it grow out for 2 weeks - repeat. Easiest hair do(n´t) in the world!
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I'm considering going all suedeheaded again this summer, and waiting another 10 months for it to grow back to where it's at now. I don't think my scalp likes me with long hair. I'm losing hair so easily that even if I drag my fingers throw my hair, about 5 hairs fall out each time.
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I buzz my head. People say I look like JT :dunno:
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you aren't your fucking haircut

sorry i just had to, your name is tyler durden right.

but seriously, cut your hair however you feel like it should be cut.
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Originally Posted by robbie View Post
you aren't your fucking haircut

or a beautiful snowflake, eh?

you are a sweetheart, Robbie.
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Fatty digs short hair. Personal preference really.
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I get a #1 all over.
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Originally Posted by odoreater View Post
I get a #1 all over.

ALL OVER or just all over?

Then again... I'm not sure I want to know...
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Just did mine an hour ago for the first time in about a year. It feels great and I'll be happy to not have a full head of hair when I move down to Austin in a month or so.

If you're still on the fence, go for it :P
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i used to get a buzzcut when i was younger, but around 14 or 15 i realized that bcuz of my skinny frame, it did not look particularly well, especially wen i tried to chop girls. So since then i have been keeping my hair medium length (like 2.5 inches or so) and it has gotten a much better response! yet i do miss the comfort of the buzzcut, the look not so much.
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I'll say this.... don't knock it until you've tried it. I'm farily pale and skinny and it works suprisingly well, most girls say it looks good on me. I dunno, maybe it's because I have a strong jaw line. I originally used to use #2 all over but my current style is a #6 on the top and maybe #3 on the sides... kind of a "grown out buzz cut" look. You don't really need to go to a barber. Just go to Target or whatever and buy a trimmer/clipper set. You just need to run the trimmer over your head in every direction, it's pretty much foolproof. Start with 1/2" or so and work your way down until you figure out the desired length.
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Does anyone with the buzz use product to groom it after washing it? I'm constantly trying out new stuff, and I don't know that I like it. Right now, I'm alternately using American Crew's Forming Cream, their Matte cream, and Redken's Thickening lotion. The Redken looks like it flakes after running my fingers through my hair (I do this kinda frequently now, an affectation that I just picked up, probably because the hair feels good), the Matte Cream seems to flake as well, the Forming Cream is all right, but I worry too much scalp is showing (hair loss is a bitch).

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I have to agree that skinny guys look better with longer hair. I began growing mine out a few years ago and my fortunes with the opposite sex have improved. Yeah, it is just hair and you need the charm to back it up, but first impressions are important.
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The amazing thing about hair is that is grows back.
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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan View Post
I have to agree that skinny guys look better with longer hair. I began growing mine out a few years ago and my fortunes with the opposite sex have improved.

Hmm, this is interesting. I'm a skinny guy (6'1", 155lbs), and all my lady friends have vetoed my plans to grow out my hair. I tend to think it looks good with my jawline, but I'm sort of bored of the cut -- it's been the same since age 14.
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