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Dear friends, I'm really enjoying this forum. A lot of the discussion on this bulletin board concerns clothing (hardly surprising since this is the 'Men''s Clothing' forum.) But in the quest for self-betterment, I was wondering if people might discuss the importance of maintaining good body shape and perhaps grooming (clear face, sharp haircut) as well? Well groomed, well proportioned people may get away with bad dressing, whereas poorly groomed, badly proportioned individuals who dress impeccably may be perceived as trying too hard. [What a tragedy of life.] Discuss. On that note, can someone recommend a reasonably good hairstylist (<$40 ?) in Philadelphia? Cheers. P.S. I'm aware there's another discussion board on 'Body consciousness' but it's the interconnection between dress and grooming/body shape that I find intruiging. Hence I am posting here. Besides, I like all of you :-)