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Originally Posted by funkdoobi View Post
Call his mom at work
Parents love that
I did heaps of research and could only manage to find her workplace and thats it.
if i could find her number/email, i would love to contact her.
i tried contacting the university for her phone number/email but no luck.
my mate also tried it with no luck. the university didnt reply to both emails...

The neighbours information is useful if you wanted to contacted them and see if you can find out what the Ryan dude's home number is
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Repost his moms info. How the hell do you guys think collection agencies get anything done? You harass the guy, you harass his relatives, you harass his dog.

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Originally Posted by Macallan9 View Post
Repost his moms info. How the hell do you guys think collection agencies get anything done? You harass the guy, you harass his relatives, you harass his dog.



this is what i got from the department of justice in delaware:
Dear Mr. Chi


Thank you for contacting the Delaware Attorney General's website. Your complaint has been reviewed and it has been determined that the federal agency best able to assist you is the Federal Trade Commission. Their website is www.ftc.gov. We have no jurisdiction over the internet, collection agency's, credit reporting etc. Please direct all further correspondence to the FTC. Thank you.

so i guess trying the ftc website could help also
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The vigilante justice of Styleforum. Gotta love it!
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People always talk about how the SF B&S works because people respect and trust each other. Bullshit. The reason this place works is because you get screwed if you scam people. Fuck this dude. Hope everybody involved gets their shit back.
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That's totally okay. Ryan Joseph Thomas' photo (dob July 18th 1991) is more important:

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Thread Starter 
^looks like a douche.

so far, he sold the same pair of jeans to 3 members here: me, b3d.head, and micklepickle. also another member who he actually refunded according to a paypal sreenshot he sent me.

anyone else here who copped from him?
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^Wow are you fo'real? What a rotten piece of shite!

Let me know if i can be of any assistance.

And I can't believe you have all that info and his driver's liscence!! That's some crazy ish right there.

Karma's a bitch, he'll get his.
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Wow this guy is a twat.. I went through his posts and it seems like he's sold a lot of items, wonder if they were all scams...
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Please fuck and humiliate this loser.

If I was a kid reading this thread I would be shitting my pants.
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Originally Posted by GucciKid View Post
If I was a kid reading this thread I would be shitting my pants.

SF is not to be fucked with. Best of luck to all of you..
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What a way to fail an employment background check with this thread
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posting on potentially epic thread
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Looks like Ryan J. Thomas is already on his way to getting a criminal record: http://readingeagle.com/article.aspx?id=235145 \t
Police log Berks traffic toll 20102009 Total killed to date2127 Drug arrest Berks County narcotics detectives raided a residence in the 800 block of North Ninth Street and arrested a 20-year-old following a monthlong investigation of drug activity at the home, officials said Friday. Francisco Romero was taken into custody when detectives executed a search warrant about 5 p.m. Thursday. Investigators said they found a bag of marijuana, two digital scales, six packets of crack cocaine and packaging materials in the home. Romero was committed to Berks County Prison in lieu of $25,000 bail after arraignment before Senior District Judge William N. Hall Jr. in Reading Central Court. He was charged with possessing and intending to deliver cocaine and other offenses. District judges (All information was obtained from records in the Berks County Courthouse.) Before District Judge Dean R. Patton: Cases held for court: Alberto Ferrandino, 40, of the 200 block of Elwyn Avenue, Sinking Spring, receiving stolen property and theft. Cases waived into court: Sheldon T. Weaver, 29, of the first block of Joseph Way, Cumru Township, disorderly conduct and simple assault. Samuel Sanchez, 30, of the 3200 block of Marion Street, Laureldale, criminal mischief. Leonard Rinehart, 24, Northumberland, Northumberland County, theft. Before District Judge Nicholas M. Bentz Jr.: Case held for court: Ryan J. Thomas, 18, Newark, Del., robbery, theft and related offenses. Cases waived into court: Jose L. Maldonado-Rodriguez, 28, of the 800 block of Front Street, identity theft and providing false identification to police. Pablo Martell, 44, of the 400 block of Elm Street, access device fraud, forgery, passing bad checks and theft. Kevin J. Vogel, 20, of the 400 block of West Baumstown Road, Exeter Township, possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Before District Judge Thomas M. Gauby Sr.: Cases waived into court: Giovani L. Delgado, 19, of the 1400 block of Cotton Street, accident involving damage to an attended vehicle. Bryan E. Nelson, 29, of the 200 block of Bucks Hill Road, Centre Township, receiving stolen property, theft and conspiracy. Asmar Roach, 18, of the 700 block of Weiser Street, escape. Bryon D. Scheuring, 18, of the 600 block of Locust Street, escape. Cheryl Schadler, 30, of the 300 block of Woodland Drive, Centre Township, access device fraud and theft.
The judge in this case: Nicholas M. Bentz , Jr. http://www.aopc.org/T/SpecialCourts/MDJList.htm
Berks County (23) District Court: 23-2-04 Nicholas M. Bentz , Jr. 1786 Welsh Road Mohnton, PA 19540 Phone: 610-777-3885 Fax: 610-796-0227
Magisterial District Court #: MDC 23-2-04 Magisterial District Judge: Nicholas Bentz Jr. Phone: 610-777-3885 Fax: 610-796-0227 Address: \t1786 Welsh Road Mohnton PA 19540
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as entertaining as I find this, and as curious as I am to see what happens if someone calls his mother, can we not post her details here again please. It's been removed several times now, no reposting. kthxbai.
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