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Whenever these come up on ebay in my size, I always try to grab them up. But, alas, they don't come up often and lately, when they have, they've all been small sizes (like 7-8). I've been lucky to get a couple of pair (including a great pair of boots from a fellow style forum member), but I'm always on the lookout for others.

They're the sort of shoes that are so ugly that they're great; definitely not for everyday, but still fun.

The others I have are a size 43/10, but I'd be interested in anything from a 42/9-44/11, since the sizes aren't standard by any means.

If you have a pair that you want to sell, please PM me. Condition isn't terribly important, so long as they're still in decent shape. As well, in terms of price, I've been able to get the other pairs from $100-200 (and have seen most of the other pairs on ebay sell for around that), so I'd like to stay in this range. I'd be willing to pay a little more, of course, if they were unworn and/or had the box, shoebags and such. But, despite the fact that the retail was $2000 or so back in 1998-99, I don't love them so much that I can part with $500 or more.

Anyway, please let me know!