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Need help with ties

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So... I own 3 ties, a navy blue one, a black one and a beige/navy blue stripe tie. I'm going for the casual look. I like wearing preppy clothes and I was wondering what kind of tie would go good with anything. Are there any basic colors that I should own?
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Red is pretty standard.
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Ties are cheap. Look around in the WAYRN thread, style blogs, etc.; then just get a bunch from B&S and such. Really good way to add diversity and color to an otherwise simple wardrobe. Once you know what you like to actually wear (as opposed to like the look of on others - not always the same), then get some really nice expensive ones, and resell the ones you don't like. Plus you may find once you've tried more that they don't really fit in your casual aesthetic. I feel like there are some good Fuuma posts on the topic of ties in casual that I'd like to cite here. Edit: now if you're going for conservative/business rather than casual, burgundy would definitely be your biggest hole to fill, like DocHolliday said below.
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Jah, burgundy looks great on a cream shirt. Burgundy grenadine is one of my most worn ties.
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Get some stripes.
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You really need to look in B&S right now, there are some gorgeous, high quality ties out there.
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I feel a tie really comes down to personal taste and it's a chance to show your character the most.

However I would def. go with some microdots, some stripes, a royal blue, a purple/green combo and certainly a pink tie (especially if you are going for the preppie look)
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Oh and if you are going for the casual look then knit ties are a good option.
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