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Zegna MTM questions.

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Have anyone of you folks have experience the Zegna MTM section?

How many types of fabics; and what are the best type of fabics to pick from? 15 mill 15 wool?

How long does it take to complete a Zegna MTM suit? My dream would be a Attolini MTM or Bespoke; but, I clearly don't have that money.

I.E Brioni is 18 hours; Oxxford is 22 hours, Kiton can be 25 hours? Of course, it varies...

Oh, my father got his suit made by the Tailor who did Tony Soprano and Co suits. Joe Camelia is his name.
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Pick a fabric that you like or need --- go through the book, feel the fabric, and pick one that appeals to you. I also like to wander through the store and look at completed suits to see if something catches my eye. 15 milmil 15 is very nice, but it is pricey. If you have a good salesperson, tell him or her what you're thinking about and they may be able to narrow down your choices or point you in the right direction.

The suits take about 6 to 8 weeks to arrive, but I'm not sure how many hours each suit takes to make. The Couture ones take a bit longer. In terms of hours of construction, the normal suits probably take less time than Brioni. I would expect the Couture ones to take comparable amounts of time since they have more handwork. If you order over a holiday period (like August or Christmas), add another month.

I wouldn't judge the quality of an RTW suit by the number of hours put into it. Fit and fabric are more important, and Zegna construction in the Sartorial and Couture lines will last and look good for a long time.

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Thanks for that link.
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