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Messenger Bags

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I wanted a casual messenger bag for a decent price, say less than $70. The ones that I like most for casual use are Lacoste but they're a bit expensive. I came across this:

The link above has more views when you click on the bag. It's a brand called Ellesse Italia. Never heard of it but searching on google shows that it is quite popular in Europe.

The question is, do you guys think that this is good for men? Or does it look like it's meant for women?

Any other suggestions for messengers that I can buy online for below $70?
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I'd get something milsurp.
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It doesn't look too feminine at all. That's a great bag for the price. You mentioned that you wanted to stay under $70, so that's probably your only option. The logo is not that great, kinda cheesy. Maybe you can remove it.
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If it's what you want at the price you want, then do by all means get it. It lacks style and is more of a fashion item. Have you looked at, for example, Jack Spade bags?
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Belstaff would be my choice.
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