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Vintage repro military boots

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Anyone into these, anyone have them?
I'm not talking about the current desert war or Vietnam boots, but the ones from WWI or WWII. They have cap toes and are all leather. I'd like to get a pair but our army/navy surplus stores only carry the new stuff, guess I'll have to hit Salvation Army. If anyone has purchased them online I'd like to get your opinion on where you got them too.

Maybe something in this style but darker leather;
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Ebay has a few vintage corcoran in sizes 8-11s.
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The boots that you linked are a variation of corcoran jump boots. They're very heavy, and don't breath well, but are fairly comfortable after they break as far as military boots go. I wore them daily in the Army, and I still wear black jump boots in the Guard. I've never had the inclination to wear them for casual use though, as the steel shanks behind the heel, weight, and large size outweigh any style appeal they might have . There are a million places you can buy them on the net. Here's where I get them from: Just type in "jump boots" in the search, and a number of versions of the Corcoran jump boots will come up, including the orginal brown or black WWII jump boots. Btw, I don't know if I'd want to wear used military boots, they're pretty nasty if coming of some ground pounders feet, no matter how old they are.
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Yikes, you sure gave me a different perspective on them lol.
Thanks for the link though, and I'll continue to find something that'll be wearable. I don't want my dogs barkin' just for the look.
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