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Button stamp factory code

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I think someone broke it down before, but I can seem to find the thread.

Would someone be kind enough to list out the Levi's factories and the corresponding codes? Especially, does 501 represent a factory? I have a pair of vintage Levi's 201s with the button stamped 501.

ie. Valencia 555 etc etc
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Is yours the 1996 repro (Valencia St) with the 501xx designation? Does it have a leather patch when it should have been released with a linen patch? The button should be 555.

555: Valencia street
6, 2, 4, 8: single stitch redline and big E
554: Texas
R: Contracted out (Los Angeles, Kentucky, SF, etc)
J22: Japanese
Blank: 501XX (late 50's and earlier)

Then again there are many re-issues of the 201xx, e.g. year 2000. I don't know where these were made, though, probably still Valencia St which closed down only in 2002.
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Thanks for the info.

Thats what perplexes me. Most of the codes I'd heard of or come across, but this is a 201 repro with paper patch, donut buttons, big E, and 501 stamped on the waist button.

At work so no pics, but if anyone is still curious I'll post some up.
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Sounds like you have the blueline selvage '29 10 oz repro which rightfully came with a linen patch. I was expecting 555 but Paul T. on Superfuture may have an idea where these came from. Great jeans, though.
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Very interesting, I didn't even know they had a 29 repro, and 10oz feels about right.

Thanks for the help!
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