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Odd jacket + trousers (Zegna MTM?) - suggestions?

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I normally get myself a new suit or sportcoat every autumn and spring. For this autumn, I wanted something different, of reasonable quality, easy to combine and useful when travelling, both for the business meeting (I am a patent attorney and at least here in Europe, sportcoats are OK, I think) and for an informal dinner (with our without tie) in the evening.
I had thoughts about a charcoal-coloured chalk-striped sport jacket (with "fuzzy" stripes separated by about 1.5 cm; I saw that fabric and I loved it), but reading other threads I understand that this would not be the right thing to do.
I do not like blazers and I do not want anything blue. Rather, I was thinking in black, charcoal, terracotta, or similar. Also, I would like something rather original (that was why I was thinking of stripes, and, frankly, I like stripes a lot when it comes to suits), but not too original...
(By the way, I never tried the Zegna MTM, and this time a was thinking about trying it...)
Suggestions? What about the trousers?
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A couple of ideas for you:

If Isaia is available in the stores near you, check out their RTW offerings for the fall. There's a lot of color. Last year I saw a earth-tone sportcoat with a lavender block stripe that would look fine with odd slacks. Pinstripes are harder to work with odd slacks.

Charcoal herringbone is a fine option for sportcoats. Mine is a staple for the fall. I wear it with jeans, black slacks, or charcoal slacks if I want to wear brown shoes.
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What about a nice windowpane? Or a glen plaid? Both will look more "sportcoat" than would a chalkstripe, and both look a bit more "original" than, say, a navy jacket.
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Given the thought that you put into your first choice, why not go with it as part of your personal style?
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I have a suggestion as a long-time Zegna MTM fan. I did two 15 milmil 15 suits at Zegna's flagship store in Milan. Get on a plane and go there for two reasons-1) the Milan tailors are some of the best around, and 2) the extra work they did was a level above what my MTMs done from the U.S. were. I know they are supposed to be the same but that's not been my experience.

I have been spolied with top notch service from Kiton/Brioni over the years but I swear that Zegna Sartorial MTM is excellent. The service, even done partly with Italian/English translation issues was just sublime in Milan. Milan has a long history of tailoring and it shows in their work.

I like most of the Zegna fabrics but the 15 milmil 15 seems to hit a sweet spot in terms of balancing durability, softness, comfort, and price. If you are tall, Zegna does a great 3 button roll to 2 jacket. It helps me out with my 6'3" frame.
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Thank you.
I guess I will discuss the "personal style" option with the staff at Zegna, but I think I know what their opinion will be, and I guess that I rather ougth to follow their advice... I do not want my "personal style" to become too personal...
I am not very fond of glen plaids. Now, charcoal herringbone might be an option. By the way, what is "blockstripe"? (I am sorry, English is not my mother tongue and this clothing vocabulary was not included in my English schoolbooks).
This "15 milmil 15" that you mention and that I have read about frequently in this forum, what is it? Is it just for suits or also for sportcoats?
I wouldn't mind going to Milano, but when I have time to get away there are other places I would visit first. And I have heard that the Zegna MTM that you order in Madrid is supposed to be made in Milan. But, of course, with these things, you never know.
Also, a good thing about the Madrid Zegna store is that it is just five blocks down from my gym.
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