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Endurox--any experiences?

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Do any of you guys use this stuff or know of it? Is it safe, and does it actually work? How about side effects? And are there any preferable alternatives?

FWIW, I'd be using the stuff in order to help with self-imposed 2-a-days this fall, in which one workout would be an intense erg piece/interval set, and the other workout would be lifting, rowing on the water, or running.

Thanks as always,
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I used to use this stuff during my cross country/track days in high school. I've since stopped only because I've switched from distance running to lifting and prefer protein drinks to carb drinks. From my experience, since I'm slightly hypovolemic and would be on the edge of passing out after a hard workout, the endurox definitely rehydrated me faster than water (or at least that's how it felt). It's really good for the dizziness you might encounter from being dehydrated. As for side affects, none that I can tell.

It doesn't dissolve well in cold water on its own so a shaker will be necessary. If you plan on chugging lots of this stuff (it's VERY easy to chug), I suggest you steer clear of the chocolate and vanilla flavors as they are relatively sweeter and lose flavor if you dilute it. I prefer the orange myself.
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I used to use this a lot when I did a lot of cycling. For some reason I stopped using it when I made the transition to rowing and haven't used it since. It is a very good recovery drink for distance athletes cause its basically sugar with some protein added for good measure. Whats particularly good is that the sugar is in the form of dextrose and maltodextrin. I'd say keep using it, but only after the longer, more intense workouts your doing - you don't need 60g of sugar after a 30m jog or something.
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Based on the ingredient list, it basically just looks like gatorade+whey. Am I missing anything?
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I hate it. The taste is terrible and it does nothing. Ironman and Cat 3 cyclist here and I have tried everything. I use EFS products and gatorade/gatorade endurance - if you really need protein during training/racing go with gels with protein. I have never tried an electrolyte + protein drink that is worthwhile. Instead, I use EFS liquid shot for amino acids and a bottle of EFS and a bottle of gatorade refilled with water at aid stations for 70.3 gets more complicated beyond that but the bottom line is although safe I have found it useless. If you're looking for a recovery drink you are better off with protein in milk - more calories than a serving of Endurox - and depending on what you add in much tastier
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