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Not really a sale shopper. Did but got frustrated with it. Thankfully i work in a mens store so i get many items at discount, shoes at cost, so other items and cost less 20% etc. Which is a life saver at 21 i can't afford many nice items. The only thing i do buy a full retail frequently is when i travel in the states i usually try to support local mens shops and buy a tie and square from them. Most frequently was M.S. McClellans in Knoxville. Its always nice to chat with the employees as they do practically the same job as me so i try to help them out. Other than that i buy evertyhing through the store unless i stumble accross something i want outside that i can't get or if i see it on sale its even better.
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Originally Posted by jrandyv
John Lobb shoes.

I paid $187.50 for a new pair of John Lobb loafers this spring.
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I pretty much always pay full price for business wear -- largely because I use Ascot Chang for my shirts and William Field Jr. for my suits. And neither one has sales.

But I find that I pay full price even for sportswear and accessories. I think a lot of this is because I work long hours and place a high value on my free time. It's much easier to get what I want when I want it, even if the price is a bit high. It works better for me than to spend countless hours on ebay or at Filene's -- time I could spend with my wife/daughter, training, travelling, etc.

That's not to say that I don't appreciate a good sale -- I certainly do. But even my sale shopping is a bit different. I'll call "my guys" at NM, Saks, etc. a day or so before the sale and let them know what I'm looking for. They'll call me the day of and let me know what they've got.

When I was younger and just starting out, however, I shopped sales exclusively. But as I've gotten older (early 30s) and demands on my time have increased, I find the the economics don't work as well. It's a lot like that recent study showing that it is a better use of your time to buy your lunch at work than to make it at home, once you add in the opportunity cost.

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I don't think custom work counts in the discussion of retail full price. I'm at the other end of the curve that Hoya Saxa describes well. It's worth it for me to only shop sales and discount because I like nice things, want variety in my wardrobe, and have the time to sale shop. Plus I enjoy it. I could afford one or two nice pieces a season, but instead I get more than a dozen.
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I really love the hunt for bargains and hate paying full retail, especially since finding this site.

The only exception is high quality jeans. I've never found raw denim or good fitting jeans in my size on sale in brick and mortar stores--the sale items all either have horrible distressing or fit weird.

Since I'm too leery of counterfeits to buy high-end denim from the internet, I continue to pay full price.
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It's easier for me to flip the question. Almost everything I buy is bespoke or MTM. I do shirts and jackets bespoke and my pants are almost all MTM. So ya, I pay full price for a lot of stuff.

The only things I really buy on sale (mostly from lance) are cashmere sweaters, borrelli jackets, and casual stuff like polos.
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(1) Anything MTM or bespoke. Right now, this means shirts, as well as some suits and odd jackets. I'm so slim and my arms are so long that I rarely find my size. I don't even think anyone makes 14.5" neck-36" sleeve RTW shirts.

(2) Anything I love so much that I must have it, e.g. Mulberrywood or Carlo Franco ties.

Like others, I enjoy shopping and finding great bargains. The chase is part of the fun.
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Usually once or twice a year I go to Louis and pay full price for various things. I always feel like I'm being educated there and don't regret it. On the flip side -- and this is difficult to explain -- I now hate the idea of buying at Bloomingdales or the like (haven't really experienced Barneys here in Boston yet)

I also pay full price (out of necessity) for various things that I feel will never show up on sale -- these are usually the tried and true basic classic pieces.
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i don't think i've ever done it before but i'm psyching myself to purchase probably 2 Engineered Garments jackets from the upcoming Fall season at retail from Gary at Drinkwater's.

wish me luck.

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This year, so far, I've paid full retail for exactly one RTW item: a pair of Byford socks at Norton Ditto. Bespoke is another matter: I've purchased a suit, a blazer and five shirts from Chan, all at "full" price.
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I can't remember the last time I paid full retail for anything.
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Originally Posted by horton
I also pay full price (out of necessity) for various things that I feel will never show up on sale -- these are usually the tried and true basic classic pieces.

Those are my white whale. Recently found a great deal on a Corneliani charcoal solid after a long hunt.
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I now think, "$100 for poor quality cashmere sweater or $150 for Lance's sweaters."

Who's Lance?
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lance ==

he's discostu on this forum

Extremely reasonable person with great prices
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Originally Posted by Artisan Fan
Who's Lance?
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