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Originally Posted by jet View Post
khafe sho antar

khoshor mekham, not the slim one though but I don't know about this damn weather getting warmer

Khok be sar-et bah-che, give me a straight answer..
They make a slim one and a not so slim one, but both are quite slim.
They come in small, medium, large.
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classic fit in L ghorboonet
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DDML, good to hear that we have similar measures. I'm more of a 39R, but I just bought a Steven Alan medium online. $55 shipped.
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Wherefrom blank?
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Probably standardstyle. They have some on sale right now. Fairly limited sizes though.
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Yea, I purchased 3 from them already.

I'll be returning a SA shirt and a BoO shirt this weekend, both of which I paid full retail for.. 170 and 235 respectively. I had no idea how much they were until I took them to ring up. Little expensivo.


If someone finds those on sale, lemme know.
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Yep, Standardstyle. No problem telling since apparently I bought the last gingham. Limited sizes available in the $47.40 ones, and I wanted to stay on the cheap side since this is my first Steven Alan.
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Heh, it looks like I got the last medium on standardstyle. I wish I knew about that earlier.
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I grabbed a navy reverse seam, nice find.
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It's been a great week for sales. RL Custom Fit Polo for $42 (sale + coupon at midnight on Monday) and this Steven Alan for $52 out the door. I still haven't received any sort of confirmation email but I'm hoping for it soon.
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I'm glad I ordered this weekend before the spot was blown up. I meant to post after I received my confirmation (should be getting my order in tomorrow) but I completely forgot.
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Those are some seriously bad pictures on standard style. None of them fit the models and it looks like they took them out of the box and put them on without even a half-assed attempt at an iron. It is making it really hard for me to spend even 50$ on one when they look that bad in the pictures.

DDML - what size neck do you / the shirts have?
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We sould change the thread title to just Steven Alan shirts since the discussion has become more than just dissapointment.
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Can we change the title to "Disappointed I missed Steven Alan shirts on sale for $47.50"?

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Mine just shipped. Sweet.
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