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An Armani crepe suit (or Vestimenta, if you prefer) travels very well - no one does wool crepe so well (they probably could, but no one does.) Black, midnight or especially greige crepe are better at withstanding stains or becoming tired looking better than pretty much any other fabric.
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I have been to a couple of tailors asking the same question about travel and they both recommended a "double twist" wool. I had a suit made with one and it is bulletproof for travel. For 1500 you could go to Barneys or one of the other stores that does a range of MTM and ask for the fabric. Also, mohair is great for travel--20-30% in a suit and it travels very well...and breaths.
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I remember the clothing guys in our store did an tv spot once where they took an Oxxford suit coat and rolled it up into a ball and played catch with it before unrolling it to show how nice the construction and material allowed the suit to look as good as before. I would think man made materials and fused garments would be worst for traveling. The whole point of investing in a better garment is to use it as you need - not to baby it. One thing I do know, Oxxford will hold up to travel very well and you will look good right away.
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Firstly, keep away from mohair. The reason, once it is creased, it STAYS creased. It's virtually impossibly to find a fabric that is crease resistant. I'm having a suit made at the moment that has a natural stretch. The manufacturer gave this fabric to me to try as they were convinced I would be amazed by the crease resistant quality of it. Normally, when I am asked for a suit to travel in, I recommend a high twist, plain weave fabric (could be described as a sacking constrution). The high twist helps it to bounce back ater wear and the open construction of te weave allows this to happen. I also recommend natural, rather than synthetic fabrics. The reason being is that the natural fabric will always wants to go back to its natural position after being forced into strange positions while, for example, sitting on a plane. In other words, the crease fall out better. At one time I used to travel from London to the States on a regular basis selling suits. I would, on occasions, bring with me as many as 70 or 80 suits for fittings packed in 3 suit cases. You can imagine what they looked like after the journey. I would get the shower running nice and hot and steamy and then hang the suits in the steam. because of the high quality of the fabrics I used almost all of the creasing disappeared. This really is a great trick for those on the go. Hope this helps.
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