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Matching what???

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We all know that it is faux pas to wear a matching tie and pocket square. However, is it acceptable to wear a matching tie and cuff links? My wife purchasd a very beautiful tie that came with cuff links in the same color/pattern. I am unsure as to wearing it without looking "bush league." Thoughts?
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I wouldn't do it, GQL. I have a similar striped tie with some cufflinks that look exactly like the tie. Together, they're a little too much.
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It depends. To me, it sounds like a good option to have, even if you only exercise it once in a while. Sometimes I wear a matching shirt and pocket square, and I don't feel the least bit weird about it. If you're wearing a navy suit and a white shirt, matching tie and links may come off as uninspired - just as a matching solid burgundy tie and pocket square would - but if you're wearing a busy shirt and suit, it could serve to anchor the ensemble - just as a matching solid burgundy tie and pocket square could. The way I see it, even if your tie matches your pocket square or cuff links, at least you have made the decision to wear a pocket square or cuff links...
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GQL: I wouldn't do it all the time, but I'd do it...
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