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Watch forums...?

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so.... what kind of watch forums are people here a member of?
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I am on TimeZone and Watch Talk Forums
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Try Timezone or watchprosite. Each has its strengths, depending on which brand(s) you follow.
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timezone and watchprosite for me too. timezone's particularly great at industry news and in featuring new stuff.
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timezone, paneristi and (people who make revolution watch magazine)
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Watchuseek and Paneristi
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I usually use Timezone for lots of info and announcements and the sales corner/showcase. I use Watchuseek for the community, pictures, and dive forum. Another good one if you're into this sort of thing is the Poor Man's Watch Forum ( for modded watches and a lot of high-end Seikos and stuff. Great community there.
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Timezone and Watchuseek.
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another Timezone and WatchUSeek
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poor man's watch forum
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not very active, but have been a member for a very long time of:

poormanswatchforum (pmwf)
scwf (seiko citizen watch forum)
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Originally Posted by hohneokc View Post
another Timezone and WatchUSeek

Same here.
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WatchUSeek mostly, Timezone very little.
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