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Originally Posted by TylerDurden


I'd Hit it
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Quality and quantity of food intake
Quality and quantity of exercise
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Being a couch potato may be in the genes

If you can't access the full article, the gist of it is that some people appear to be genetically programmed to, in essence, fidget more than others. That extra movement makes it seem as though they have faster metabolism.
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Well from what little I could read it looks the study it talks about was done in rats, which means the results may or may not be applicable to humans. Fidgetting does burn excess calories and it can help you stay thin, but I don't really see any evidence to suggest that it is necessarily the results of genetics.
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My guess is a 5x5 at In & Out.
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"Obese people have been found in other research to move for roughly two fewer hours a day than their skinny counterparts.

The article does not do a good job of demonstrating that amount of movement has a genetic basis.
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Now I think not moving around alot is probably a contributing factor to obesity, however just because obese people move around less then non obese people doesn't really say anything about it being causative. The fact is that when your obese its just simply harder to move around, you have more to move. So are people who move around less more likely to become obese or is it simply that people who are obese don't move around very much as a result of their condition?
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It's probably more causation than correlation. Fidgeting Helps Separate the Lean From the Obese, Study Finds. Expect that, in order to confirm the relationship, better studies will be conducted.
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That study still doesn't provide any more evidence beyond correlation for it really. When you lose weight your body biologically acts to conserve energy. It might act to keep you from becoming fidgety as one of those mechanisms. The only way they could really show this is if they took a large sample of people who were thin and tracked them through time and compared those who gained weight with those who didn't.
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