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Eagles and skulls

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How long until this faux-macho-biker-dude trend dies out? Is the skull belt I saw in the window at Payless a good indication that the answer is "very soon"?
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My friend picked up a Trovata-like graphic tee with an eagle at TJ Maxx.
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That eagle crap has been around for ages. The pink/hearts/skulls didn't last long, so I think solo skulls are on their way out too. Also, heraldic crests: enough already. They even copped that trend in Advance Wars DS.
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afraid it's here to stay for a while.
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what shirt is this that Drama was wearing last week?

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Anyday now the trend will be plain tops and bottoms with no graphic details or embellishments at all, but I'm enjoying the current trend and hope it stays a bit longer.
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The only good skulls and stars that belong on clothing are either done be Salior Jerry and Ed Hardy. Old School Tattoos and clothing are a decent combo.
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Ugh. Ed Hardy and Grail etc. are the ugliest, stupidest clothes I can imagine. On the other hand, they're even better than faux-vintage concert shirts for identifying who has more money than style.
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Yes, it's sell by date has come and gone. However, if it's a look you want as part of your personal style, then go for it.
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