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Originally Posted by TheProfessor
Should I only go for full canvesed(I think im butchered the word) or half since it may be cheaper?

I'd say don't worry about that right now. With your budget, it may be hard to find a canvassed suit, though you can score some deals on ebay or at outlets if you are patient. Canali and Corneliani can often be had for decent prices, though smaller sizes can be harder to come by.

I'd focus on finding something that fits well and looks good on you, then save up some money and buy a nice canvassed suit later when you can afford it.

Of course, if you don't need the suit for a few months, then keep your eyes peeled on ebay , STP, or on the buying & selling forum - you're bound to find something.
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Originally Posted by sonick
I am quite skinny as well, and most of the time cheap suits fit like crap. The best fitting 'cheap' Off-the-Rack suit I've found is the ones from Zara. They start at $299, but are all wool. BTW, $250 won't buy you anywhere near high quality in Canada (unless you keep a keen eye out on eBay).
I have a Zara suit that I only paid $200 for. I like it alot, I think it fits very well. They don't have internet sales though, so if there is not a store near you, you might be in trouble.
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Originally Posted by moosy
I am fairly similar in size so from my experience:

If you want a cheap suit Zara can work, they have some fitted suits.

My best luck in RTW is Brooks Brothers Children, size 18 will probably work for you (though I would consider a 16 for pants). It is the same quality as the basic line (BrookEase) so it's a good value for the money especially if you can wait for the 25% off sales twice a year.

Jonathan has some great suits in small sizes highly recommended but I think over your budget.

But a truly well fitting suit only works with MTM.

You honestly believe that Brooks Brothers suits are higher quality than Zara??
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Originally Posted by JR_Rider
You honestly believe that Brooks Brothers suits are higher quality than Zara??

The main difference between the two is not quality but the cut. My experience with Zara (and why I like the suit I have from them) is that it is more "fashion forward" the Brooks are much more conservative. For work I am more comfortable with the more conservative cut - just a preference.
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Originally Posted by TheProfessor
Hi guys,

Im a newb in suit purchasing and am in need of your expertise.

My body measurements are:

Height: 5"7
Chest 37-37.5"
Shoulders 18"
Waist: 30.5"
Weight: 126 lbs
And am quite thin.

I looked at stores and tried on suits such at Sears and Banana Republic. But they all seem to sell suits for men who are quite larger in bone structure. When I tried on their suits none of them are fitted and look odd on my thin body structure.

Are there any reasonably priced suits in CANADA for a thin person like myself?? These suits are for career purposes only.

Name Brands or stores would be greatly appreciated my budget is around 250.00CDN as I m just a student but want to get a high quality suit.

Thanks for any advice.

If you are in Toronto, you can try a store called Short Man Browns or something like that. I think there are 2 locations. Once got a nice navy jacket for my father-in-law who is in the 5'6" range.
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Thanks for all your advice guys!

I went to Zara yesterday and tried on their 'traditional' collection and their 'modern' style fitted collection.

My question is when do you know the suit fits well?

My body structure I've figured is that I have broad shoulders which makes me fit a 38S suit well, but skinny which then makes a 36R fit my arms and body well but tight on the shoulders and chest.

Their fitted suits 38 suits fit well, but the sleeves are 1-1 3/4" too long and their modern designs are too 'hip' for me, I'd look like Lenny Kravitz working at a conservative accounting firm. Their traditional suits leave too much room around the arms and body, making the suit looking baggy.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on where I might find a conservative, economical fitted suit?
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you had me at "thin, small and asian" but it all went downhill from there. To your question... Option A - buy the larger one, go see a tailor to get it taken in. Option B -
Originally Posted by ang_kangkong
There's a guy there who's one of the best dressed real men (not celeb) and he says he used to go to thrift stores for suits (I think he said he got them for $5, maybe $8). He'd then go to a tailor to have it altered.
what he said... Option C -
Originally Posted by j
What kind of suit are you looking for? I have at least one in ~38S (probably your size), and others may have something or be able to find something.
Trust the judgement of our beloved leader....
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