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Test here, because I cannot change my avatar at this time (the message says it is an invalid connection). And it didn't work either.
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I used the exact same picture I had before as an avatar, and now, even though I am following the exact same steps, it won't let me change the avatar. Any idea why?
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I have been trying to upload a pic from imageshack as my avatar as well and I can not do it. Maybe it is because the file extension is .png? Any more technically savvy members care to help out? EDIT: I got it to work. Fabienne what made the difference for me was making sure that I had uploaded the pic in .jpeg format instead of .bmp
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I tried with the exact same picture as before, and it still doesn't work, whereas it did in January. Did anything change in the meantime? When I posted my current avatar, it took several tries (I had to change pictures about 5 times) for me to be able to find one it would "take". All were jpg. Can someone offer advice? Sweet little girl, Topcatny.
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Can someone offer advice?
Just copy and paste from the 'Direct link to image' box. Works for me. Don't add [IMG] tags or anything.
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Ah, thank you, now it works.
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Sweet little girl, Topcatny.
Thank you Fabienne.
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l love the hound. Brilliant looking canine.
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Let's see Ernest's stuffed monkey.
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