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I must say how impressed I am with the way ImageShack keeps improving its service. In case folks haven't noticed, here are a few things that have changed since Nick M. bought this site to the forum's attention: (1) Image size is now 850K (it was 450K when I first used it) (2) Automatic thumbnail generation (I love this feature. ) (3) You can now register on the site and it will keep track of the images you have uploaded. This functuonality is still in it's infancy, since you can't really seem to organize the uploaded images into folders, but still very impressive for a free site.
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Just out for a morning stroll...
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w. m
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This guy totally rules. l wish l looked like this guy. Maybe l could provide some avators for this website.
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Great link, Nick... Thanks. Regards, Huntsman
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QUESTIONS FOR A MAN CALLED NICK. 1. Hey Nick: how do you do multiple quoting? l've tried lots of things but it doesn't seem to quote [in those white boxes]. 2. Hey Nick: can we delete reply's. l am very vexed. 3. How do we alter type fonts etc. l have read the instructions on this site but it is very vague and vexatious. Can you give us afew clues. P.S: are you some type of computer guru or is it because you are just young? Even my 10 year old neice knows more than me about computer stuff. Regards old son: the shooman.  
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Wow. You've chosen a nice image test your post with. May I ask whom is in the photo?
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Have you tried photobucket? 1)Go to and set up an account with them for freeupload pics onto your album... 2)They will give you three links 3)You want to copy the last one; the one that says [IMG]image name here.whatever type of file it is[IMG] 4)Then paste it onto the post.   I hope that is useful to you guys. This may prove helpful...
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<img src="" width="188" height="301" alt="Image Hosted by" />
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let's see if this works....
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test that was the test
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