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Originally Posted by tlieu View Post
Filson x Levi's Trucker is 16" s2s, 19" p2p, 19" p2c, and a 17" waist.

This jacket is extra crispy, brah.

sry, blanking out right now but what is p2c stand for?
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pit to cuff (bottom of the sleeve).
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Toronto, Canada doesn't have a Filson store and the Levi's stores here are shit. Levi's Canada is the worst store ever. Levi's rep take note of this but I'm sure none of them are on styleforum or any other forum. They don't even carry LVC, or any selvedge denim. Just the basic modern shrink to fit 501 selvedge version, which super baggy whether you size down or not. Anyway, just want to let people know that I tried on all the Levi's trucker jackets at the Levi's store even the version Urban Outfitters carries and it fits just like the Filson x Levi's Trucker jacket. So unlike the reviewer on the Levi's site saying it's true to size it's definitely not like what 99% of others are saying.

Btw, fits exactly like this at UO:
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Originally Posted by tlieu View Post
pit to cuff (bottom of the sleeve).
thanks tlieu. can you get a measurement of base of collar to center back hem? thanks for checking
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Sorry, those were the only measurements I took.
Mister Mort is about the same height as me and he's wearing a Medium in his blog so you can see a better reference pic.
I'm 5'8" and about 155-160lbs with broad shoulders. I don't mind the slim look when wearing small size shirts but I'm not a small in this Trucker whatsoever especially if you're going to wear another long sleeve shirt or sweater underneath. If really want this slim than go with the small and stand like a model but forget about buttoning this jacket up for any sort of job.

Shoulder line seemed to fit like a slim shirt that I can get a way with and if you want to even use it to drive or bike around, definitely felt too stiff and unbreathable.
I wasn't even able to button the bottom button up as if I would anyway but still looked too tight whenand buttoning up the rest of the jacket and looked even short. This goes for all Levi's Type III Trucker jackets. Just size up 1. This goes for the Urban Outfitters version as well.

Hope this helps.
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Also, my waist for pants is usually 30-32" to give another point of view about my size.
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cool. thanks for that info.
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Filson's website shows the truckers will be restocked at 9/21. Let's hope this is the same for Levis too! I have an open ticket with their inventory support people who will hopefully let me know in th next few days if Levi's is re-upping too.
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Received the shooting shirt - very well made and the denim is quite stiff - it appears to be either raw or one-rinse.

Indeed the fit is on the roomy side, but it is meant to be unrestrictive when you are aiming your long gun of choice - this is a real shooting shirt, not a fashion copy.

I think it is meant to be worn more like a shirt-jac than a regular shirt - the fit is similar to my wool Pendleton shirt-jac.
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Levi's x Filson trucker jackets are limited to 100 pieces.
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There is one size L trucker jacket at 59th & Lex as of 2:25. I know because they were holding it for me, but it was too small in the shoulders. Be aware it does fit small. I'm 5'11" 185lbs an a size 40/41 suit. No love for the size L.
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There was about 4-5 of the jackets at the Levi's in Chicago on Monday.
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Sold the trucker jacket L and bought the 5165L with the proceeds plus $25. If anyone's interested I can post pics when it arrives.
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Originally Posted by sockpuppets View Post
China is a metaphor for shitty products. Has been for some time now. I never said only "made in USA" was the only way to go, you just inferred it.

Made in China doesn't mean it's shitty, either.
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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
Made in China doesn't mean it's shitty, either.
No, it only means toys with lead paint, milk that's made with melamine, drugs for malaria that are actually fake and everything you've ever bought at Walmart. Would you drive this? "Made in China" has always been a cultural representation of the export of our economy, craftsmanship and manufacturing base. Sure, I'm sure some things come out of there with pride, but the PROC has always been about cheap labor and corporate profits. When's the last time you looked at a label that said "made in china" and that assured you? That said, I still have a macbook and iphone that I'm happy with. This isn't filson related so make a "Made in China" thread if you want to debate it.
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