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Do you Own The HTC "EVO" 4G by Spring

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I had avoided cell phones for years because I have a privated phone in my office and a land line. I finally made the leap back in August and purchased an EVO. I love it ! What are some of the great
features and Apps that you currently enjoy and can share with other EVO devotees that are Style
Forum members. We appreciate the shared comments.
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my wife has been looking at this one.. I heard that the battery life sucks donkey ass.
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battery life is great after it's been tweaked, plus there are aftermarket higher capacity batteries
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the thing is fast as hell. Battery life does blow if you surf the web alot.

recently discovered the ability to dictate text messages, emails, etc built in to the phone.
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Just got the phone 2 days ago, and as my first non-blacberry smartphone, it has changed my life!
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gets hilarious about halfway through

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lol. holy shit.
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i love the big screen, and the funny thing is people were blaming the low battery life because of the big screen taking all the power but when i look at my battery usage the display takes only 3-4% and the big power users are cell standby, phone idle, android system and voice calls, but i guess it depends on what you use most
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Have it. Love it.

Rooted and got better battery life with some of the ROMs out there but it's still not that great. Got two batteries on eBay for $10 just in case though.

It's lasted me through 30+ hours at the hospital with light use but if I had more time to surf the web and stuff it'd die fast. The big screen is just going to equal poor battery life no matter what.
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my benchmarks from linpack and quadrant are really high now, ~45 on linpack and ~1450 on quadrant
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Somebody edit the thread title. Or point me to where I can sign up for service with Spring.
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I started the thread and I don't work for Sprint. I just appreciate the phone and want to get feedback from others with a similar appreciation. Other phones have had the spotlight....The EVO deserves its time .
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Good for you but I believe Rambo was referring to your spelling of Sprint in the title of this thread.
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