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I got a poodle recently too. Grew up with dogs and loved them, was not ready for this one though. Poodles are smart but super needy, especially mine. For about 6 months he wouldn't let me sleep. He's settled down finally and is pretty well trained. My sanity has returned and I'm quite fond of him now.

I never used to like cats until I found my stray 5 years or so ago. I don't think I've ever loved an animal more than this jerk of a cat
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+1 for the dachshund love... this girl right here is my entire life. Love her more than anything.
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Awesome pic! Impressed you were able to get the hat to stay on.
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i grew up owning dogs, my mother shows her dogs more affection than anyone ive ever its only right i grew up the same way....i cried like a 12 year old boy to Marley and Me.

here is Maxine

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^ Maxine is awesome.

Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post
Awesome pic! Impressed you were able to get the hat to stay on.

Thanks - she actually loved that float - stayed on there for a good 1/2 hour looking around and then took a nap on it! Hat on the whole time.
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I know the feeling. I always had big dogs growing up so when a friend's chihuahua had pups and my wife wanted one (for her son) I was like NO WAY!! Well we ended up with a pup and like most 11 year olds the son tired of her after about a week. She's 11 now and I love her to death!!
My sister-in-law has a toy Chihuahua and I can't stand that dog but mine isn't your typical chihuahua she's about 10 pounds.

We also have a Mini-poodle and she's a fantastic dog. I've told my wife somewhere down the road I'd like to get a standard poodle as I've read nothing but good things about them. I'm kind of surprised how many people here have poodles.

Of my 5 dogs, long story, I would rate the Poodle and the Golden Retriever as the two best family dogs. My Chihuahua is a great dog but she's kind of cranky with kids.

Lots of people out there are not "dog" type people but I can't imagine not have a dog.
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Originally Posted by kstyle View Post
i cried like a 12 year old boy to Marley and Me.

So did I, first after reading the book and then after watching the movie.
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I always liked dogs, but never really bonded with any of the dogs we had when I was growing up. When I graduated, and left the comfort and companionship that are college roommates, I figured I'd get a dog to give me something to do. I bought a Rottweiler, having been familiar with the breed (we owned Rotties when I was growing up), and it was uncanny how quickly we bonded. I hated putting the dog in a kennel when I would travel, so I started hiring in home pet care. I got many, many years of loyal companionship, and unconditional love from that dog, and when he died, going on 5 years ago now, I was crushed. Find the right dog, and magic can result.
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My four:

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I've never understood the love that big men have for tiny dogs. Maybe its a protection thing. Weird.
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Douglas: nice Yorkies. Love those little guys' personalities.
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I want a shiba inu when I have a place that can support a dog.
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I dislike dogs, but have been told by some of my wiser friends that this is simply because I've never owned one. I'm completely open to the idea. FWIW, I walked a dog only once. It was a larger breed. Not surprisingly, I found the experience of being dragged around by a dumb, foul-smelling beast quite disagreeable - having to pick up after it was icing on a shitty cake. I definitely love cats.
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Originally Posted by Sherman90 View Post
I definitely love cats.

I have good news for you - you and your partner are now able to legally wed in the state of California. Congratulations!
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Says the guy with 4 of the girliest dogs in the thread.
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