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Originally Posted by TRINI View Post
Lululemon is singlehandedly the best thing to happen to women's fashion in the past 10 years.

Women getting comfortable showing off their ass in yoga pants has led to them wearing leggings at every opportunity possible and I'm so not mad at that.

This is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the thread title. My gym is overrun by 20-year-old girls and 35-year-old soccer moms decked out in the overpriced Lululemon stuff and when I go to the mall, I always make it a point to walk past their store so I can check out the girls that work there and wear those yoga type pants to work.

I cannot speak to the technical superiority of this brand of clothing opposed to any other and I've never done any yoga so I always wonder if you really need technical, sweat-wicking clothing for something like yoga? Is it that strenuous of an activity?
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I've been wearing their stuff for several years now. I actually just bought these and I have a pair of one of their first men's shorts and I still wear them (they've been backpacking with me all over the world).

The shorts and tees are comfortable and a lot better quality than Under Armour, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Dri-Fit, etc. Some of their designs for men are dodgy though. But it lasts a long time, fits and moves really well. Just stick to the basics. Plus, when you go into a store the SA's are all hot and fit.
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I own several pieces by Lululemon and am very impressed with the fit and quality of the clothes. Their tees are excellent in my opinion.
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if you are really looking for something functional and looks decent, Patagonia Capilene thermals. their silk and mid weights are great for just about any workout. the mids and heavys will take you into the fourth season in comfort.
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Consider the fact that females are generally wearing clothes in a much different way than males at the gym/yoga etc. Both males and females often wear tight, and flattering, but in very different ways. Lulu does this quite well (obviously) accentuating the good things and hiding the bad. Typically, guys aren't looking to accentuate their ass at the gym. (if you are, good for you, whatever floats your boat.) lulu apparel isn't going to do anything more than a dri-fit top or other will do with respect to moisture wicking.

To their credit the quality is definitely there. I own a few of their hoodies and a running jacket that have outlasted most, if not all, their counterparts. Shape hasn't changed, colour hasn't faded, and they don't shrink as everything is pre-washed. (can't speak for the ass hugging pants.)

i am doing my utmost to refrain from giving any advice/opinions on males wearing their pants, since you didnt' ask..


Originally Posted by Rambo View Post
I should have been more specific with my request for info. I know that they're expensive and and its only worth it blah blah blah. What I want to know is if their does a better job at wicking sweat, keeping its shape, holding up through multiple washings, keeping from loosing color, etc. that much better to warrant its premium cost.

The yoga woman swears that they're the only shirts that keep her mildly sweat free through her workouts. Otherwise, she says that she's drenched in sweat.
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They're actually designed to be removed! You can just rip those bad boys right off.

Originally Posted by intent View Post
Okay, so I've been trying out Lululemon for awhile now.

Make no mistake --- their clothes are expensive and likely overpriced. I purchased two t-shirts, one pair of shorts, and one pair of sweat pants.

However, they do fit very well, and make me look slimmer at the gym. :P Also, even though the material is synthetic, it doesn't feel crappy like UnderArmour, Nike Dryfit, Reebok, etc. They seem to hold up well to machine washes and air dry cycles.

Other than the cost, the only other complaint I have is that the tags on the t-shirts are very long and occasionally annoying when it sticks out. I should probably cut them off.
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Here's the old thread I've got some stuff from there and my opinion is that the stuff is pretty well made, the cuts are great, and they're a little pricey, but worth it in the end. I feel and look really good wearing their stuff, honest.
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My wife likes them... they look reasonably nice for workout clothes, the logos aren't huge, and they are the "standard" nice yoga/women's workout brand.

Just like I prefer Nike stuff to a lot of other brands personally - it isn't as cheap, but it works for me.

Regardless of what you buy, use a sport laundry detergent if you want to maintain its wicking performance if you actually sweat.
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I should be more in line with my request for specific information. I know they are very expensive and only worth so much more. I want to know is that if they do a better job in the capillary sweat to keep its shape, raised through a variety of washing, the color is consistent from the lost, and so much better, it is worth its premium cost.
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I'm more curious as to why every white girl on the entire east coast owns these shorts? they are fucking hideous
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whats this?? females engaging in groupthink when it comes to matters of fashion? shocking. i am shocked.
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Shorts like that are the reason I don't go to Hooters; not to mention the shitty food, the shorts are absolutely hideous on those girls.
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All my work out gear is lululemon

I also wear the Game on Boxers... the only underwear I like more are Zimmerli. Fit is great, feels good and the wicking is pretty unbelievable.

I don't own any pants, just shorts. I own a lot of tops (some which I wear as casual street clothes.) I'd say that the hoodie things and the underwear are my favorite. Also the socks are very, very good. It's a pretty big step up from Nike and UA.
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Is there a good place to order this stuff? My gf would probably like some pilates clothes for Christmas, but I'm not stepping foot in a damn yoga store.
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I use Lululemon shorts --the Up Dawg-- for acroyoga, and I feel that they are the best for that activity. However, not only are their shirts about three times the price of their competitors, I do not think that they wick as well as their competitors. I recommend getting Patagonia Capilene 1 shirts. I have tried wicking shirts by everyone under the sun, and these are hands-down the best.
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