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Originally Posted by lupin23rd View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Hey guys,

I've gone through about 4 shirt orders now and for the most part I'm liking the fit, but the last tinkering I did seems to have resulted in some issues that I'm not sure how to resolve.

Let me know if better pics / angles are in order, I took these pretty quick this evening. (I'd go to a local tailor to ask them about it, but my eye is all swollen up so I look like a monster at the moment smile.gif )


On my right shoulder there, the back seems to rise up a bit near the back of the collar and then it turns downward into a crease that doesn't look right at all. I suspect a part of it is my posture, it's not always the best and if I straighten out it's not quite as bad. I don't see the same thing on the other shoulder although you can't see it on this picture.


Just for comparisons sake - there's still a little bit of fold on the left shoulder but the right shoulder definitely looks different.

There seems to be some bunching and folding around the armhole now, which I was not really seeing in my previous order. The only adjustment I made was actually to make the yoke measurement smaller.


I selected sloping shoulders and normal back, and the shirt itself is a plain back without darts.

Wondering if any of the following could be contributing to my problem?

1. Shoulders are still too big, and I should bring in the yoke further. Is that the correct change to make in the case of larger shoulders? Do I need to make other changes to compensate when changing the yoke?

2. One of my shoulders is more sloped, or smaller / shorter than the other. Not sure what to do here other than make a custom comment suggestion on my next order.

3. My posture sucks so I should choose the Bent option. I'm not sure in what cases one would select this though, or whether that would be the only issue at play here.

Or maybe I'm completely off-base here smile.gif
Maybe I'm too picky and there's no issue? Although I think the previous shirts, even with the shoulder issue as well, looked better in the armhole area.

The rest of the shirt seems fine, and I don't have a problem wearing this one, but I'd rather fix it for future orders and avoid having to make alterations later (if that's even possible).

Side notes unrelated to my sizing questions, the fabric I chose was T374 and I think it's pretty decent - 80s two-ply, and feels solid. I'd pick up other gingham selections from the same line.

I really like the new "thick" MOP buttons, I was surprised with my previous order having the really thick buttons and found them a pain in the ass but these ones feel pretty nice. Hopefully they stick with these for a while!

I'm no tailor, but it looks like it's caused by your dropped left shoulder. Try raising your left shoulder up towards your neck and see if the bunch goes away.
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Dear ModernTailer, 


I have placed an order on 7/5/2013, order #95934... I emailed you on Saturday and then Yesterday regarding some changes and I have yet to get any type of response.  If you could please get back to me as soon as possible.  I've heard your company has great customer service, please respond to my emails.  

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Originally Posted by Bortelli View Post

This question probably gets asked a lot so pleAse don't hound me for it. Isn't "BODY MEASUREMENTS" considered better than shirt meadurements? Aren't you supposed to get more of a precise cut if you go that route?

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Which oxford fabric is comparable to the type of oxford cloths PRL use for the OCBDs? I've tried the MT trial shirt (oxford blue) and it was nothing like I was expecting. It was far more finer.
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Hi everyone,


I'm about to move from casualville Silicon Valley to business school, so I figure I'd need some suits to fit in.  Also on a budget, so went with Modern Tailor.  Before I get more from them, would anyone be so kind as to give their thoughts?  It's a bit wrinkled (just got out of the bag).  Thanks much!


(I will upload more shots once I can find someone to take it for me...)



Suit.png 212k .png file
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I want to make sure somebody at Moderntailer is taking care of my order # 96372 and alteration. I've emailed twice and got no response. Patience is running short.
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Anyone with MT suit experience? Ditching Indochino as they can't solve my collar gap issue. While my right shoulder is slightly lower than my left I can't see any reason it should be so hard to get right. I can wear a Lauren Ralph Lauren on 42 long and not get collar gap. Does MT have this issue with their suits?
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I've had a good previous experience from Modern Tailor where I received two great shirts. They fit well and the fabrics looked great.


Recently, I purchased a new shirt. The fit is great, but the fabric was very disappointing. It had a pattern in it that was not seen in the photographs of the fabric on the website. The pattern makes it unsuitable for work. I've emailed Modern Tailor twice to ask if they could accommodate me with an exchange, credit, or refund, but haven't received any reply at all. Is the only way to contact Modern Tailor through the contact form on their website?


I hope to hear from Modern Tailor soon. I would like to keep ordering shirts from them, but this experience has been off-putting.

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Very disappointed with MT's customer service. Both Anne and Leah failed to communicate with me unless I make a fuss publicly on this forum which I've refrained to do until now. Why hasn't my order 96372 shipped yet? It's been more thani will six weeks from the time the order was placed....no communication....just an email asking for more measurement. By judging at the kind of customer service received so far, I wouldn't be surprised that MT lost my shipped package for alteration too.

I will certainly think twice before placing another order with MT next time.
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I, too, am very disappointed with their lack of customer service. As my post from five days ago expresses, I have contacted them several times. One customer service representative finally replied (coincidentally?) shortly after my post, asking for a photo of the shirt in question so that they could try and resolve the situation. Four days later and he has still not followed up, despite two more emails from me.


I will very seriously reconsider ordering from them again.

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Just ordered a suit from them, they contacted me about my shoulder measurements, thought mine too big, but I assured them mine were taken by a professional tailor now its under review. Stay tuned for final product.
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Well, I've recently had two pretty good experiences with Moderntailor.com.


Review here: http://greedanddisgust.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/review-moderntailor.com-shirts-pants.html


Generally the construction plus shipping time has been around 10-14 days.

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Originally Posted by byau View Post

Hi everyone,

I'm about to move from casualville Silicon Valley to business school, so I figure I'd need some suits to fit in.  Also on a budget, so went with Modern Tailor.  Before I get more from them, would anyone be so kind as to give their thoughts?  It's a bit wrinkled (just got out of the bag).  Thanks much!

(I will upload more shots once I can find someone to take it for me...)

Sorry for this late reply.

The jacket fits well through the shoulders, waist, and seat, but the length is maybe an inch too short, and the sleeves are about half to three-quarters of an inch too short. I suppose it's the current style, but the button stance seems too high. Trousers look a little long. Do you know the weight of the cloth?
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so i just got another order.... this time the "thick" MOP are back to being the thick ones... so in EVERY shirt ive ordered ive asked for THICK....  first order was thick.... second order in june were thinner style... this last order that i just got today were back to being THICK...  this is very inconsistent.  Im guessing they ran out of the original thick ones and just now got them back in and gave some BS reply about changing suppliers.


their button woes continue.  how is this possible? a $20 shirt from jcpenny has buttons that dont get loose.


in my second order on my pants the inner button on one of them came loose after two wears.  now on my newest order the inner pants button is MISSING! like it was never sewn in.  I even specified i wanted the buttons double checked.  


1st order- collar button popped off on 2nd wear (and tear near one of the chest buttons)

2nd- pants inner button came loose after just a couple wears... poor sewing..... shirt "thick MOP" became thin

3rd order:  button never sewn into one of the pants (brown).  "thick MOP" back to thick (both shirts).  Also the pants hook/buttons arent placed correctly on one of the pants (black)... so when buttoned up the flap bunches up, and there is 0 tension on the clasp and everything is help by the buttons.  black pants have a pattern that wasnt shown well in the photos.  


for $129 pants i expect construction to be at least to the level of $108 banana republic pants.  Ive tweaked to get the fit spot on and the look fantastic... but these simple issues are just too much.  the QC is truly lacking.


im very concerned about the longevity of these clothes if the simple things are screwed up already.  Im going to have to try another company now.

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anyone know of a good white fabric for shirts? recently got my test shirt that needs a little tweaking and am interested if anyone has found some of the better fabrics.
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