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XTX tracking:



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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

XTX tracking:



Much appreciated, that actually works!


Though according to it, my shirts left Shanghai on April 30 and arrived in Queens the same day...and they haven't left since. Which is disconcerting, to say the least.

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This has been one of the worst experiences I've had with MT.  They send out a shirt back on 4/28 and nothing has been seen or updated since.  The tracking hasn't changed and nobody from MT has given me the time of day for a response, no way can this be held at customer for nearly 2 weeks.  I've ordered over 12 shirts from but customer service means nothing to them.  Sorry for the rant! Anyone else waiting this long? It was ordered through ALDex, which i've never had a problem with before.  

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Just received my first shirt from MT, 8 days after placing the order and I would love some help from you guys with adjusting the measurements prior to ordering the next shirt.


I took body measurements and kept fingers crossed until today, and the shirt is definitely wearable, comfortable and better looking on me than most readymades (I have long arms, so when I buy a shirt with the right arm-length, I could accomodate another guy of my size in the rest of the shirt...).


I think the measurements need adjusting, though, as there is a fair bit of extra fabric on the chest and in the back, see pictures below (taken after washing, tumble drying and pressing).


It seems to me I could take at least an inch off the waist (down from 34 inches), and half an inch off the chest (down from 38 inches). Would that be enough ? Too much ? Shall I change the "stomach" option from "slight" to "flat" ? There's also some extra fabric at the top / back of the shoulders, although the armholes are of the right size. How can I address this ? Any suggestions on other areas ?









For info, fabric is the blue oxford (k32p), which I find fairly good looking, comfortable to wear and easy to iron, but which seems to crease easily. I took white, thick MOP buttons, and a standard collar, medium sized, medium stiffness, with removable stays.


Other than that, construction seems on par with $50 readymade shirts available on the high street in France. Buttons are better sewn (there's a knot on the thread, unlike on many readymade shirts...), though button-holes look a little more fragile than standard.


Thanks for your help !



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Anyone else extremely disappointed in their customer service now? Almost a month stuck in customs but nobody will respond with an answer why. Tarnished reputation now, especially that I've spent so much in the past. Anyone want 2 certificates for 10$
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Originally Posted by csmilz9 View Post

This has been one of the worst experiences I've had with MT.  They send out a shirt back on 4/28 and nothing has been seen or updated since.  The tracking hasn't changed and nobody from MT has given me the time of day for a response, no way can this be held at customer for nearly 2 weeks.  I've ordered over 12 shirts from but customer service means nothing to them.  Sorry for the rant! Anyone else waiting this long? It was ordered through ALDex, which i've never had a problem with before.  

This is very interesting. Mine also went out 4/28, though via XTX. According to the reply I got from their rep, "It appears all packages that we’ve shipped last 4/28 didn’t have any updates." Not even sure what that means. But all I know is that it's been nearly a month and according to the XTX tracking website the shirts are STILL stuck in Queens. Ugh.

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Can you provide your own fabric for a shirt or suit? I would love some seersucker shirts and suit by ModernTailor website does not have this fabric.
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Can MT normally help (provide a little advice) to better adjust measurements, provided one sends them pictures of the worn trial shirt ? I e-mailed them 2 days ago, but no reply so far.


Also, has anyone changed the "stomach", "back" and "body" parameters in his body measurement card at some stage and what effect did you notice on the subsequent shirt ? 

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Originally Posted by ben76 View Post

Can MT normally help (provide a little advice) to better adjust measurements, provided one sends them pictures of the worn trial shirt ? I e-mailed them 2 days ago, but no reply so far.

Also, has anyone changed the "stomach", "back" and "body" parameters in his body measurement card at some stage and what effect did you notice on the subsequent shirt ? 


They can take a bit long to respond, up to a week sometimes.
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Got my first MT shirt the other day - the fit definitely needs adjustment - looking for feedback/guidance.  It seems to me the shoulders are a bit wide and the sleeves are definitely too long (and maybe too wide also). Photos are after one wash (cold) and air dry (and then iron).  Thanks!












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Just to update, I got a reply saying that they were concerned enough about the customs delay to offer me either a refund or an expedited remake of the shirts. I chose the refund. They replied with, essentially, "sorry, never mind, we're just giving you the expedited remake anyways."


That didn't leave Shanghai until Saturday. Now it's ended up in Incheon, for some God-knows-why reason. So to recap: Order placed on April 24. It's now June 3, and my shirts have made it as far as Korea, and I have two whole $10 certificates to show for it. Probably my last order with them.

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A couple questions for moderntailor staff:


Have all the Thomas Mason fabrics been discontinued?


Have the trial shirt fabrics been discontinued?

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So I was one of a few people asked to participate in a StyleForum review of moderntailor. Each participant received a free shirt and was asked to provide feedback on a number of criteria. We've now been asked to repost here:


Website Design & Navigation


The website design is simple and uncluttered enough, and easy to navigate for my purposes (which is limited to shirts; I haven't bought anything else). Navigating through the fabrics is easy to do, and having some of the specs listed is definitely helpful.


Overall, I think the site is more than adequate and very straightforward to use. So with that in mind, here are the only nitpicks I can come up with:


- categories for fabrics making searching easier but these are not always utilized. I've found plain white fabrics by browsing sometimes that didn't come up when "white" and "plain" were selected as attributes. so consistently plugging in this data would be helpful in the future. also to the extent that things like thread count and single-ply versus two-ply are missing from some fabrics, it makes it more difficult to want to select these fabrics as one is being asked to make a gamble not knowing those pieces of information

- once a fabric is selected, one has to choose a collar. some of the collar images do not match up exactly to production. for instance, take a look at the difference between the round collar depicted on the selection screen and one from the shirt gallery:



the selection screen shows a narrower spread, rounded collar band, and significantly more tie space than the actual production round collar. So I think this may just be an issue with parts of the site not getting updated to reflect actual current production methods. Stuff like this should be brought up to date so that new customers don't get caught off guard when they receive something that looks different than they were expecting.

- the video embedded on the front page is sleazy and off-putting (but also easily ignored or skipped over, so this is not really a big deal)


From an overall design perspective, I think the site is fine, and other competitor's sites that employ fancier design are ultimately harder to use. The fact that everything loads quickly and is not overdone with bells and whistles makes a big difference. What I care about is being able to easily navigate fabrics and options, and the site works great for that. It's good that there isn't a bunch of fancy HTML bogging it down.


Order Process


The order process was easy. The information on the site was really all I needed to make a decision on fabric, and then selecting features and putting in measurements was totally straightforward as well. I don't know if there is any way to make it any simpler than it already is.


Another thing that has occurred to me -- some of the collars are mislabeled or at least the names don't conform to common usage.


The two that will cause the most confusion are these:


What is called a "wide spread" on the site is normally referred to as a "cutaway" collar.


What is called a "cutaway" collar isn't at all, it's just a normal spread collar.

The photos still show what the collar actually is, so there shouldn't be too much confusion, but the naming isn't really accurate and correcting that could probably help first-time buyers that aren't sure what they want to select.


Customer Service


While I had zero customer service interaction on this particular shirt, I will say that I have already been a customer for awhile now and have always found the customer service offered by moderntailor to be excellent. There is a time/date difference obviously but emails tend to be answered within a day or so, and on the 1 or 2 occasions when something didn't come out right on one of my shirts, they always remade the shirt for free and got it right the second time, without even asking me to send back the original.


The only thing I would improve is maybe assigning one person to each inquiry as sometimes I've gotten follow-ups from different people who may not have known exactly what the initial issue was. But if not everyone is there all the time, I'm sure it's probably better to get quicker responses to customers from whoever is available.


Competition & Alternatives


I've looked at a lot of the competition but have never tried any because none seem to offer either the options that I want in measurements, collars, fabrics, etc, or the level of customization that moderntailor offers. As mentioned elsewhere, moderntailor is able to accommodate my request for a slightly modified collar and since I need the extra height, this is huge to me. Other places may offer US production, but I honestly haven't seen anything to make me think that will make much difference in the actual quality -- the construction on the moderntailor shirt seems pretty solid to me. So beyond that, everyone else is just offering fewer options.


First Impression


Packaging is adequate and arrived without any damage:






The shirt looks great and the fabric feels like very good value for the price. Beyond the normal customizations possible through selecting items in the ordering process (collar, cuffs, pockets, buttons, etc), I also requested in the notes an increased collar band height (to 4cm) and as can be seen in the photos, this request was executed perfectly. I would love it if this could become a standard option, as I think I am probably not the only one with this preference. It ends up being about the same height as a 2-button collar, but with only one button, and without extending the length of the collar points (which I like to keep at exactly 8cm).


I've worn it once (see below) but need to wash it before taking photos of me wearing just the shirt in order to get everything to lay just right.




Full Review


So I can't give an honest start-to-finish review on this particular shirt because, as I mentioned at the outset, I am and already was a moderntailor customer and have long since worked out my measurements. So I'm going to include some of my early experiences in order to give a full review. I had a couple of misfires early on, and here are the things I learned along the way:


- be generous with sleeve length measurements. these are bound to shrink somewhat, and to varying degrees depending on the fabric. I ordered a flannel shirt early on that shrank a TON in the sleeves, and by the time I'd received it, washed it, and noticed the shrinkage, the fabric was all gone.

- fabrics are a toss-up sometimes. the prices can be reasonably relied on to determine the quality, and anytime a fabric has detailed specifications that include weight, 2-ply, 120s, etc, that's going to be immensely helpful. there will still be some times when what you get isn't exactly what you expected. adjust your expectations accordingly and remember this is still a great value.

- feel free to ask for modifications. sometimes this works (such as a taller collar band), and sometimes it sort-of works (such as asking for "tie space"). again, remember this is being done remotely and you can't really watch the entire process. adjust your expectations accordingly.

- it took me 3-4 shirts before I truly had my measurements fully worked out. I've since measured friends and come up with shirt measurements that have worked for them the first time. So, some experience is helpful. If you are just starting out, expect some trial and error.


So given that I already had worked out my measurements and what options I preferred, the ordering process for this shirt was very easy. I thought the MT Collection fabrics all looked decent, if a bit boring. I took the opportunity to grab a pink herringbone, which while a plain shirt, had enough "visual interest" to be something I would like but could still wear with a lot of what I own.


The ordering and shipping process was a breeze. I have had issues with shipping from MT in the past (and more recently as well, the most recent of which appears to have been a mistake made by their freight company in providing an incomplete address to USPS), but all were resolved to my satisfaction and the problems that occurred have hopefully been eliminated. I had no shipping issues with this particular shirt.


I've worn and washed the shirt a few times now. There are no signs of it falling apart anywhere, no loose buttons, no loose seams, no rips, tears, etc. It appears to be holding up great and I expect it will have a long life. The construction appears to be of good quality. The fabric is soft yet not too thick. It doesn't wrinkle excessively either.


The shirt is definitely better after its first wash. Before the wash, the collar tends to "float" and the fabric overall is a little stiff. A lot of people have complained about the floating collar phenomenon in the moderntailor thread and all of them just need to wash their shirt once and this goes away.


Overall, I remain convinced that MT is a superb value and worth whatever uncertainty the process may carry with it because 9 times out of 10, the product is great. It certainly was here. I'll continue to recommend MT to my friends, and have most recently now tried my hand at coming up with measurements for a shirt for my wife. I'm excited to see how that turns out.




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I was also a part of the focus group and received a shirt for review. Here are my thoughts:

I may be a poor barometer of what to expect at this price point, as most of the shirts I wear now are bespoke shirts that cost at least twice as much. The MT shirt is definitely inferior to those shirts, but that's to be expected. That said, based on my experience with them, I'd be very happy to recommend MT to anyone looking for shirts in the $50-100 price range, especially since the product would only improve as your orders converge to your ideal shirt through multiple iterations.

The ordering process is time-consuming, since you have to sit there with one of your shirts taking measurements. But there's really no way around that, unless you want to send them one of your shirts. Given the limitations of remote ordering, the process is as easy and fool-proof as it could possibly be.

When my shirt first arrived, I took a few measurements to compare with what I had submitted with my order. They were all within 1-2cm of what I submitted. I measured again after a couple of washes, and found very limited shrinkage. The result is a nice-fitting shirt. Not quite perfect like my bespoke shirts, but very, very good, and perhaps would even become perfect if I jiggered my submitted measurements a bit based on the slight shortcomings of this first shirt.

The finishing is nicer than anything I imagine you'll find off the rack under $100 or even $150. On my higher-end shirts, the sewing is a little bit neater, and the seam allowances smaller. This photo shows the stitching on a side seam:

I made a few choices that I wouldn't make again if I were to do over - but this is more my fault than MT's. The first is my fabric choice - I chose a royal oxford, based on my admiration for another shirt I have in royal oxford, which I think is Riva or some similarly expensive fabric. The MT version is much more loosely woven, and approximates more those thin towels that European hotels somehow expect you to dry yourself with. But I think the lesson is not that MT fabrics aren't nice, but rather than very high end royal oxford is the only kind of royal oxford that's worth using. Here's a comparison of the two fabrics, with MT's on the left:

Second, I decided to get cocktail cuffs, since James Bond had them and I didn't. They are more flat and lifeless than I had imagined. Having only seen cocktail cuffs in pictures and in my imagination, I have no real life experience to determine if all cocktail cuffs are like this. I have a feeling my disappointment is more towards cocktail cuffs in general than the MT version in particular. Anyway, here's the cuff:

Finally, I ordered their softest collar; it is a very, very soft and floppy collar. I think it would work very well on more casual shirts, but for my white royal oxford with cocktail cuffs, something stiffer would have been better.

These kinds of missteps are part of the cost of doing business online, when you can't feel or see in person collars or fabrics or cuffs before ordering them. But once you pay the initial cost of trial and error, you'll have an easy supply of well-made and well-fitting shirts, at a very reasonable price. Despite my own poor decisions on this first order, I learned enough from them, and am satisfied enough with the fit and quality of the shirt that I might use Modern Tailor again for some more casual shirts that I don't want to pay bespoke prices for.
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Like the dapper gentlemen above, I was graciously asked to participate in the moderntailor focus group. I received a free MTM shirt and was asked to provide feedback in several areas. My disjointed ramblings are as follows:

Ordering Process
Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

I'll second (third?) what's already been said (regarding ease of navigation on the web site), and I'll add that the page for entering custom measurements is a godsend. Having simple diagrams of where to take each measurement significantly decreases the potential for user error. Also, the extent to which the details can be customized is pretty impressive, and it was nice being able to skip back and forth between the categories (to make sure the shape of the cuffs matched the shape of the pocket, for example).

If there's any hitch in the ordering process, it's the fabric selection. Leah and team were kind enough to help me out with a question on the fabric I selected (purple herringbone), but I don't know that I would have been as comfortable with completing the order without reaching out with a question. Both in the MT Collection set of fabrics and in the full range of available fabrics, it can feel a little like the wild west looking at patterns, thread counts, one vs. two-ply, &c. While it's nice to have such a wide variety of options, it could be helpful to have more views of the fabric, maybe more information on what the specs on the web site translate to in a real live shirt.

Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Hopefully this belongs in this section. Anyway, here goes: I think shipping should be free. I realize it wouldn't be "free" free; what I mean is that shipping should be included in the price, even if it means bumping up the base price by a couple of dollars per shirt. I can't tell you how many times I've started to order something from a web shop, only to bail (I believe the technical term is "abandon") at the last minute when I see the shipping charge. If I already know what the shipping charge is going to be, the entire time I'm thinking, "ok, it says it costs x, but it's actually going to cost y".

While shipping isn't exactly a fixed cost, it's a cost that's associated with all orders and could therefore be factored into the price. If shipping charges are significantly different to different countries, the prices could be adjusted for each country's web site. I assume this would be easy enough, because prices would show up in local currency anyway. If it's necessary to bump up the price by a full $10 a shirt, there could just be a $10 per shirt discount when ordering multiple shirts at the same time.

Anyway, that's my $0.02. It has less to do with the price the user is paying and more to do with the user experience.

Customer Service
Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Correspondence was pretty solid. I contacted Leah directly with a question about the fabric. Within a few days, she got back to me with an answer from the production manager. Later, someone on the customer service team got in touch with me to confirm my shipping address, which was incomplete (most likely due to me over-relying on Chrome's auto-complete function). Much better than having my shirt shipped out into the ether without a full street address.

Competition & Alternatives
Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

I don't have a huge range of experience ordering MTM shirts, but I ordered a shirt from CottonWork not too long ago. The shirt was acceptable, and I liked that mother-of-pearl buttons come standard (although they in no way approach the level of awesome achieved by the thick MOP buttons on the Modern Tailor shirt I ordered). They also have an option for a short button-down collar with a good roll to it (they have two different button-down collar options, one with a roll and one without) and the option to select completely soft collar and cuff makeups. The CottonWork shirt, however, has an oddly large and oddly placed front pocket, which takes away from the shirt as a whole and seems like an odd design oversight. The Modern Tailor pocket has no such issue.

Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Suggestions for additional bespoke options (Click to show)
I am primarily a bespoke client of a local tailor here in New York so I am not very familiar with all of the options for MTM shirts. I do know that people who order them online based on their own body measurements usually end up unhappy for the first few go arounds until the fit is correct. This should be expected as it isn't really different going to a tailor and having a shirt made. It takes some tweaks here and there. Admittedly before I looked at your site I didn't think I would have nearly the amount of styling options as you have, which is excellent. Two things that I think you should include as an option is shirring at the sleevehead, and rather than side pleats under the yoke have shirring across the back neapolitan style.

Also, to tag onto some of my other comments about fabric perhaps offer some "premium" fabrics from well known fabric mills such as Acorn, Rubinelli and so on. Now, if some of the fabrics that you do stock are from more well known sources you should say that and/or put the country of origin for each fabrics so you can make a more well informed decision on say which white fabric to get. This also gives the consumer a better idea as to why this white is $59.00 and another is $100.00

Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Suggestions, continued (Click to show)
Another thought that would really set your brand apart is to add the option for sewing in the buttons crow's feet style. Also, an option for non-fused interfacing and possibly some handwork in areas like hand stitching the lapped seams around the armholes.

While it seems like Modern Tailor is very accommodating with ad-hoc requests an option for cuff length should be included. For example a barrel cuff that is say 4" long for example. Also to tag onto this the actual button placement. Closer to the cuff end, centered, or slightly closer to the back end.

While I don't disagree - particularly with the part about adding more information on the fabrics - I think there can be a slippery slope effect when it comes to the number and type of details offered. It's certainly something MT could do to set themselves apart from the competition, but they'd need to be sure that their production facilities were prepared for the new wave of variations coming at them.

First Impressions
Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Packaging is fairly minimalist (which I prefer, in contrast to the excessive packaging from The Corner and Mr. Porter), but it gets the shirt there in one piece.

I noticed the buttons before anything else. I opted for the thick MOP buttons, and they're seriously thick. They're probably not for everyone, but I think they're pretty awesome. All of the options I'd selected for the shirt - darts, contrast stitching at the buttonholes, a split yoke, one angled chest pocket, beveled cuffs, and contrasting linings - were all there as requested. The contrast stitching was a bit subtler than I expected, and the fabric used for the contrast lining looked a bit different, but otherwise everything was as expected. Fabric is nice, albeit with a tiny bit of sheen (I'm hoping this will go away with a wash, as is often the case). Very soft, though, and not at all sheer.

Anyway, a couple of box-fresh shots, complete with box-fresh creases (more to come after I've washed it and have a chance to put together a proper fit):

Full-Length Review
Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

I'll go back and add to this as I have the opportunity to wear the shirt and more fully develop my opinion, but I'll start with the measurements. For an MTM shirt, obviously this is a key element. I sat down with the shirt - pre-wash - and a measuring tape. I'm not a pro at measuring garments, but pretty much everything came back within 0.2" of the measurements I submitted (the bottom hem was closer to 1/4", but that may have more to do with my measuring than the shirt's construction).

As I mentioned in my "first impressions" post, they got all the details of the order right, and they got the measurements right, so I'm pretty happy with how everything has gone thus far.

The next step: I'm washing the shirt tomorrow. The fabric is listed on the Modern Tailor site as non-iron. I'm looking forward to seeing how that shakes out, and I'll add some more photos as well.

Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

I'll start with the disclaimer that I'm not a connoisseur or aficionado of fine shirting. I am, and may always be, and SW&Der at heart. At the same time, I do occasionally have to ditch the skinny jeans, scoop-neck tee, combat boots, and leather jacket so I can look like an actual adult.

On top of this, I'm hard to fit. I'm a size "smlarge": small waist (30"), medium chest (40"), large sleeve length (35"). No shirt fits me off-the-rack - at least not the way I want it to - and I end up having everything tailored. I've finally found a tailor I like, but even so when I'm buying a nice piece of clothing, it seems a shame to have to turn around and have it altered before I can actually wear and enjoy it. Clearly, this makes MTM an attractive option.

The options for MTM, however, aren't always so attractive. There are a few places that offer MTM shirts here in Philly, but they're not cheap and I think generally require you to order several shirts at once. In steps the online MTM shirtmaker.

to be continued...

Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

On to the shirt itself: it's pretty awesome. Fit is probably my top concern when it comes to button-front shirts - or any article of clothing, really - and this is hands-down the best-fitting shirt I've ever owned. Modern Tailor nailed it on the measurements I provided, and I managed to not screw up the measurements, so it all worked out. smile.gif

I mentioned in my "first impressions" post that they nailed all the details, and I think it's worth reiterating here. Beveled cuffs, beveled single breast pocket, white contrasting thread for the buttons and buttonholes, split yoke, button-down collar with a button in the back of the neck, back darts, soft collar and cuffs, and the thick MoP buttons. drool.gif

I wouldn't recommend shelling out for the thick MoP buttons for your first shirt, particularly if you don't have prior experience measuring a shirt for an MTM order (which you should do, by the way, as opposed to measuring your body). Once you've got it down, however, and you know your measurements are spot-on, I recommend giving them a shot.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm not an expert in the realm of shirts, and that extends to fabrics. I will say, however, that the fabric met my expectations: it's soft, it's comfortable to wear, and it's not so sheer that I have to wear an undershirt with it.

additional thoughts to follow...

Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

A word on construction: I don't know much about it. Single-needle tailoring? Probably. Felled seams? Definitely. Loose buttons or stray threads in the buttonholes? No way. Fused collar and cuffs? No clue.

The best insight I can provide is as follows:

- They treated herringbone like it's a pattern. This is pretty important. The pocket lines up with the fabric on the front of the shirt, everything goes in the right direction, and the split yoke (which they wisely recommend for herringbone and patterned shirts) provides a nice contrast.

- Everything is in proportion. I mentioned in another thread that I ordered a shirt from Cottonworks, and while it was mostly fine, the breast pocket was too large and oddly placed. It's not a huge detail, but it's significant enough that I doubt I'll order from them again.

- Nothing comes across as sloppy. Everything is even and symmetrical, and I can't find anything that I would consider problematic.

The final analysis:

I'm really happy with this shirt. It was everything I expected, and the buttons (seriously, this is the last time I mention the buttons) exceeded my expectations. Now that I feel confident about my measurements, I wouldn't hesitate springing for some fancy details next time around.

At the same time, the cost of "upgrades" - nicer fabric, contrast stitching, &c. - builds up pretty quickly. It's easy to inflate the price of the shirt considerably by adding a few details, at which point I've surpassed the price I would pay for a really, really nice shirt from one of the forum affiliates (OTR, admittedly, but the best OTR fit I've found to date).

Will I order again? Probably. But I'd most likely wait around for a promo (free shipping, a few bucks off, &c.) before doing so.

Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Quick update:

I've given my shirt a tumble dry, and it definitely feels like it lost a little length in both the sleeves and body. I suppose it's not entirely unexpected - it's cotton, and cotton shrinks, after all - but it's somewhat unfortunate considering how perfect the measurements were before. I can still wear it tucked, but I'll feel safer tucking it into mid-rise pants than anything with a lower rise.

I don't know if there's a way to deal with this, perhaps either adding a disclaimer for all fabrics that are likely to shrink or just adding one in general with an estimated % shrinkage.

Fit Pic
Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

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