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That's probably one of the best trial MT shirts I've ever seen. Congratulations! Although I wouldn't mind seeing another pic showing the cuffs in relation to the hands to get a sense of the sleeve length.
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Did anyone else get an e-mail with an exclusive sales code for MT? I got one and tried it, and after you submit it, it says "Hundreds of Fabrics on Sale!" at the top of the screen. But, it only shows about 15-20 or so fabrics. Anyone else having the same problem?
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Did you try scrolling down to the bottom of the screen and changing the number of fabrics per page? I got the code as well, and that seemed to work for me - some 700-odd fabrics to choose from.

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Can you guys share this code?
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I didn't get it, and I've ordered a lot of shirts from them frown.gif. Anyone wanna pm me the code?
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Code sent by PM
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i also have several shirts but didn't get the code. if someone could PM it to me that would be much appreciated.
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Could use that code too please. I have ordered from them previously as well nod[1].gif
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If anyone feels generous enough to send me the code I'd love it as well. Very please with my order and want more!
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Please, anyone, send me the code as well if you're willing!
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the love has been spread

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hmm, none of the fabrics are worth it.

I just realized that the prices get discounted when you select the fabric to design... why won't it show the prices before that?
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What's up with all the cotton/poly blends? All I have are 100% cotton shirts or linen. Some of the cotton/poly blends are nice patterns. Are they worth it?
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Because it is MTM I try to stay away from the blends afraid it might shrink.
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I would also like that code if anyone is willing to share.
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