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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post
Agreed, some of the styling is alright.

But I've seen these in person. Believe me, you want no part of them at anywhere near retail price. It's a cemented sole and corrected grain fiesta. Timberland Abington hits some similar looks, but at a price that's much more in line with the materials used.

+1. They are based out of Austin...and a boutique in Houston, 310 Rosemont was/is stocking them. I went in to check them out; the price is so not right.

Originally Posted by kiya View Post
Yo, stop with the "handmade" crap.
All boots, even sweatshop boots made in China are handmade.

That's actually a good point...
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very nice.
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I must agree with the previous statements about the price. I hunted them down on a recent trip to Houston, hoping to find a score.
My wife was happy I came home empty handed.
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Does anyone use Styleforum anymore? I'm not sure. I've been lurking here for years and I wanted to reply to this post. Has Helm changed their approach or is the above thread just wrong? Or, is the FAQ on their site incorrect?

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Helm was made in Turkey in 2010. They are now made using the same leathers and manufacturer as Alden boots. They are a small company though they seem to be doing their best to give you what you're paying for. 

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