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Originally Posted by OmniscientCause View Post

but we have to remember its called boardwalk for a reason...

Yep. Atlantic City. NY, LA, CHI have been absolutely played to death in tv series and movies. Lets see some different cities.

Originally Posted by munchausen View Post

well part of the reason for the setting was that NY and Chicago had been done to death, and Atlantic City would be a different setting. Another big part of the story was that the real Nucky Johnson was a genuinely colorful character. Unfortunately, the fictional Nucky Thompson somehow ended up being dull as dirt, despite being played by a talented character actor, and most of the interesting characters are real people who were based in New York or Chicago.

Dont see that. Nucky is a pretty interesting character. Wish he'd leave the fucking showgirls. Boring. Like another pornstar on the Howard Stern show... lets see whats on MSNBC when one of those idiots starts to talk about their sex lives again. Snore.
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yea i like the change in pace with nucky this season...i want him to take some of that anger out and hes already showed he has the gaul to make some moves and do his own dirty work now.

but because he is based on a real character who lives into the 1950s idk if he will actually go through with what i want him to do as a im some what torn as i want the story line to be accurate but i have my own ambitions for nucky
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hob should have watched grown ups before casting buscemi as a badass
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

hob should have watched grown ups before casting buscemi as a badass

before I realized you were an dyslexic I was wracking my brain trying to figure out who in the fuck Hob was.
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autocorrect is dyslexic
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Best episode of the season. Maybe the best of the series.
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ahhh ive got it set for 11 because im watching the pack fuck up my chances of winning this week in fantasy nelson hook up and give me a lead then bradshaw goes nuts and im losing.

im looking forward to it
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Agreed on the best show so far. Next week could surpass it tho
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That last line was amazing.
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Gyp moving Nucky's desk was great. Love seeing Al show up for the blood fest.

Not sure how their going to wrap this all up in one hour.
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Yea looks al and Richard are both about to go off on some people. I know what I will be looking forward to the next 2 weeks.
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Also agree, best episode of the season and best final line.
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this show is so much better when Chalky's involved.
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what was the whole thing at the whore house with Richard and the "lying" about?
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Agreed very good episode.

I'm glad to see Richard will be involved in the Mayhem.
Got a feeling he's gonna siege the whore house, save Tommy from it.
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