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Originally Posted by suited View Post
I'm less and less excited about watching the next episode every week.

i agree with you,remember how great the sopranos was the first season (and continued to get better) with each ep.by the way im starting to rewatch it again all the way from the pilot and i highly recommend it,its been a awhile and i actually forgot a lot of what happend in that series.even on second viewing its more entertaining then this.

i think the main problem with this show is casting,if you get that right the writing will come naturally.
obviously the nucky/jimmy relationship is tony/chrissy,but compare the two..its night and day in terms of charisma...
the only two character on the show who have any so far dont get any airtime,capone and the FBI agent (i think hes fantastic) and to a lesser omars character.
i mean shit,the main character of the show has no charisma?
thats a fail righ there,and dont even get me started on jimmy

they need to infuse some larger then life types quick,im talking phil Letoardo,furo,pauly type guys....guys that despite being sociopaths were quite likable,and funny...AND WATCHABLE!!!
i think this show is a bit too in love with itself and the period and needs to focus on the characters or lack there of..give us some goons we can cheer for and i'll keep watching

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Originally Posted by LawrenceMD View Post
totally out of place, but so catchy. it is an awesome song by itself. scorcesse always has eclectic music in his projects. great rock/blues clip: The Brian Jonestown Massacre Straight Up And Down
Cool. I hope Anton made a few $. I started looking around for soda bread recipes.
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I thought the last episode was actually pretty good. The scene at the St. Patrick's Day event was pretty funny. I knew Nucky was gonna hook up with Ms. Schroeder, it was just a matter of time. And even my wife agrees she is way hotter than Nucky's annoying girlfriend.
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Just got done watching last week's episode. I think I've given the show enough chances. Way too slow.
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lol, wat
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Concerning the identity of Nucky's spectator shoes from the opening credits, could these be possible suspects? http://www.eu.forzieri.com/usa/produ...ore5=&search=1
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I definitely liked the blood and boobs in last night's episode. That FBI agent is a freak!
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I'm having a hard time getting invested in this show. At this point I'm watching more for the wardrobe, especially Nucky's, than because I care about the characters.

That said, I've always like Steve Buscemi's work, and he continues to not disappoint.
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Last night was better. IMO, probably best ep to date.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
Last night was better. IMO, probably best ep to date.

Agreed. I'm finally starting to get invested in this show. BTW, Capone's kid's deafness was caused because he was born with Dad's syphillis.
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flagellate dont masturbate lol jimmys trench dagger was sweet
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Apparently bespoke tailor Frank Shattuck was on this show last night. Didn't see it (never have).
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post
Apparently bespoke tailor Frank Shattuck was on this show last night. Didn't see it (never have).

ah ha !

Now I know why that actor looked vaguely familiar. It had been bothering me.... Yep, he had a decent size role in the episode - a Chicago Irish mob boss. Nice DB suit - wonder if he cut it ?

His acting was very good btw - and he definitely has the mug for that...
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do not like lysol cooter
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Originally Posted by grundletaint View Post
do not like lysol cooter

What was that about?
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