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Cool German webshop; "Manufactum"

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Hello all, Not quite sure this belongs here or in the buying and selling forum... But I thought many people here on SF will enjoy this website: It is a German website which specializes in "old world quality" items. So far I have bought some Dovo scissors, two Merkur razors (standard one and one for trimming the edges of your beard), some shoepolish and "Pitlralon" aftershave (this is supposed to be a famous brand, any experiences?) Not so many clothes I am afraid but they have enough other interesting items Regards
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Highly recommended. There's a definite Germanic vibe to a lot of the stuff they sell, but everything is high quality. They have a few bricks and mortar stores in Germany, which are good for browsing.
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Just realized that the international website does not offer as many items as the German site plus the prices are a little different?! So if you can read German it is much better to take a look at I also ordered these metal toetaps:
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Really cool site. Thanks for posting it.
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While I'm not tempted, it is still an interesting site.
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Originally Posted by 40kaas-nl
I also ordered these metal toecaps:

Ahhhhh!!! Thank you.
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I just knew that some people were looking for toetaps Actually I just noticed one of centipede's shoes features exactly the same taps! Here are some direct links to other pages: Shoe brushes, Dasco and Tapir leather products Shoehorns, toetaps etc. Anyone interested in a €510 umbrella? Shaving products Watches, pens, cameras, very retro telephones Leather bags, wallets and a cordovan belt
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What a lovely site. They even have typewriters in addition to the beautiful telephones. Also Leica cameras. Those items would look beautiful sitting on vintage Danish furniture. And then there is this Italian scale:
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Found another place to order toetaps:

Paul's Shoe Accessories

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