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Multiple pairs of the same jean?!?!

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You have your tight, loose and baggy Ralfs just cuz you love the jeans so much. Does anyone do this? Or do you guys like one fit and get a bunch of diff brands with similar fits. I ask because I am tempted to get another pair of Straight 5ep in a bigger size. Does this make sense? I don't dislike my slim pair but I wanna be able to choose how I wanna look on any given day. Should I just get a diff jean all together? Kinda like getting everything on my wish list 1st before coming full circle and repeating a pair I already own. Am I nuts for even entertaining this thought?
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I have two pairs of Ralfs, one a size up, one a size down. For the size down, I had the bootcut taken in and made it a straight leg, and the size up pair are greycasts. That's how I justified it. They really do have different silhouettes when I'm wearing them, so it's not that big a deal. I feel a little weird about it, though, yeah. If you really like the 5ep's in a larger size, and they look sufficiently different, I don't see any problem with it. Stick with what works.
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for me, i like the same fit represented by different brands. But I can see the reason behind getting the same jeans in different sizes for different looks too
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I have 2 pairs of Boot cut olas, 1 dry and the other in the dark used wash. I just love the fit.
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i want another pair of canes 1945b to keep dark. these are the best jeans ive ever had. fit perfectly too.
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I like getting similar cuts in different denim weights for different seasons. For example, APC Rescues and Eternal 811s have fairly similar cuts but the Rescues, at 12 oz., are little light for winter whereas the Eternals, at 14.5 oz., are more than a little heavy for summer (especially since they're cut pretty slim).
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