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My Second Pair of Shoes from eBay

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I'd like to hear some feedback on the pair of shoes I won on ebay. I know Mezlan's have been poorly received by most on this board but I figured for $50 delivered new, they would be worth trying.


The pictures look pretty sharp but perhaps my taste in shoes and style in general isn't quite as refined as it will be.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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You could certainly do a lot worse for $50.00.

The overall style looks good to me, though I find that the cap is a little long for my tastes. I don't have any experience with deerskin so I can't comment on the leather quality. Anybody know how well deerskin takes a shine or how it fares for longevity?
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Yes, hard to beat for $50.
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In my pre-SF days I had a pair of black captoes from Mezlan with deerskin. The deerskin portion (as with the OPs shoes, only part was deerskin) got abraded fairly easily, but polished out fine. In the end, the deerskin did shorten the lifespan of the shoes. Agree also about the long cap - it is what makes the shoe a Mezlan vs a more classic British shoe. Not to my taste, but certainly not too garish.
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For $50, you got a great deal. You should look very sharp in these.
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I think you did very good for $50. I have a pair of J&M's with deerskin and calfskin. The deerskin will wear a lot faster than the calfskin. If you are careful you shouldn't have many problems. I don't worry about scuffs in shoes, I just keep polishing them. I think it adds character.
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FYI, prior to payment, make sure to include discount code LOYAL5
It might be a $50 minimum, but it provides an extra $5 off.

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A good looking classic shoe--should give you years of wear.
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I came back from a mini vacation to find the shoes at my front door. Very sharp. I hope they hold up but for $50, how can one go wrong. Thanks all for your comments.
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