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What is his username here?
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i think he's got a couple. pbandblunts or something like that is one of them.
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Yeah i know this guy, didn't follow B&S rules here, over priced the stuff he was selling and was generally a bad seller. If he does this over at sufu too, they will take him apart.
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Time for the SF stalking police to come. Post the shit-head's address, Full name, Number, everything here. Then we can contact the police, his school, his mom, his boyfriend...etc.
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found some of his pics online at other sites....if it were me i would post all of his info...and then it would be easy to get the rest of his contact info, his family's info, and prob his personal info too i'd make life for him and everyone he knew as shitty as possible....but maybe thats just me the internet makes it easy to go to someones house and burn it just say'n
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Here is what I found: Sam Youkilis 136 W. Broadway New York, New York 10013 United States Facebook:!/profile.p...0870323&ref=ts Flickr: Personal website:
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I don't take kind to rip-offs, but let's get some more info and facts first. Who did he fuck with on SuFu for instance?.. Thread?.. Having several s/n's for 1 board is almost always a bad sign, though... Edit: based on some of the info on his Facebook page, I'm now sure that he is a certified little cunt, though (excuse my language).
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wow the internet is a scary place. i hope i dont ever piss any of you off
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soxfan is notorious for flipping stuff he bought cheap on B&S. IIRC, he tried(??) to fuck with ToJ as well, but immediately got called out by dismal and others on sufu and quickly settled things. Others have claimed that the item they received was not in the same condition as seen in the sale pictures and soxfan just has a terrible track record. You can sometimes see him posting WAYWT pics while wearing the items he's putting up for sale.. Kid's a joke, don't deal with him.
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Originally Posted by snuff_daddy View Post

what a punchable face
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is this one better? lol
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4chan nigga.
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rape this kid a new asshole
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