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Flannel Bay Napoli.

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Ever heard or seen Flannel Bay clothing?

Looks extremely nice...
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I like the song even though its overplayed
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Sorry to resuscitate this ancient thread, but could anyone offer some insight into this company? They were recommended on here a while ago as a cheaper alternative to the more famous Neapolitan brands, and mentioned in one breath with Partenopea and La Vera (though not, I suspect, as equals in quality). Yoox has a lot of their sports coats and some suits at very low prices, but I suspect that's partly a reflection of the construction quality, right?
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FB is decent but in no way even roughly in the same league as the Neapolitan big boys. materials are average, construction is average to unimpressive, fits are all over the map. not even in the same league as boglioli, caruso, cantarelli, etc. you will immediately be able to tell the difference when you put one on -- stiff and unforgiving.

essentially, what you will be getting is a machine-made fused suit (none of that feathery canvassing) that mimics some of the styling of the big boys, but with substantially lower quality and much lower predictability around what you're going to get.

having said that: i have an old FB suit that has the most beautifully-contoured quarters of all time and i'd put them on every jacket if i could.

if yoox is selling them in the very low hundreds you may want to consider it -- otherwise i'd pass. but in any event you should not be under any illusions about what you will be getting.
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i love those postage stamp-sized pictures on their web site. HTH are we supposed to tell anything? and it's blaring the most godawful prog-rock in the background. less music and more real pictures, please.
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Thanks -- that's what I figured (and what the video on their website unwittingly suggested). Did sound too good to be true...
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I'm very happy and satisfied with Flannel Bay, this company is very flexible and has a perfect service. I just received my first suits and jackets of them with my own patterns and the fit is perfect. The jackets are fantastic for travelling cause of the small part of canvas, they are thin, light and don't wrinkle.
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