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Leather flip flops

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Does anyone know where I can find a pair of leather flip flops?
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Scnupe- Try someone who sells Tommy Bahama or for same.
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I have a pair of leather Sperry flip flops that I really like. I found them at Marshall's last year for under $20. If you want to spend more money I'm sure Tommy Bahama would have them. I'm sure Tommy Bahama's clothing isn't up to snuff quality wise, but I sure do like the look of much of their stuff.
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Au contraire, Alan, the flip-flops and everything else I've purchased from TB have been very sturdy and well made. I'm just bummed that I paid a lot more at a spec store last year than Nordstrom has them for this year. And I like this year's color better as well. My only problem with TB is that all their stuff is made in Hong Kong or China. But that's my sweat shop rant, which everyone's heard, and I'm in the process of reconsidering...
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Not sure if these are your style, but the people I know who have them really like them: Rainbow Sandals
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Steve, I'm mainly speaking in the relative terms of this board's high standards. Quite frankly, I wouldn't have any issue wearing any of it. I have 3-4 TB ties and a TB dopp kit. I'd love to get some of their dress pants, but I'm not interested in paying TB prices. The Bahama stuff I have was picked up at TJ Maxx at significant discount. And for flip flops, I'd still vote for the Sperry if you can find them, which is no knock on the Tommy Bahamas.
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I can't compare Sperry sandals to Tommy Bahama ones, but I can say that I have nothing but good things to say about Sperry shoes.
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Are there any of these that don't make the stupid noise when you walk? I'd like some for hot days but I can't handle the flopping noise.
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I would throw in Birkenstock as a potential for you. I have this model and love it. I know, not a flip flop, but still...
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For some high end ones try Gucci. Yohji Yamamoto also offers a choice but they're priced at $900.
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Check for this one from Polo Ralph Lauren. It is actually from this season, and they still sell it at for its full retail ($125) They are simple, and I think pretty classy for flip flops. They have them with dark brown straps (as above) or black. Hope this helps.
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