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New fabulous 18L 3.5mm thick MOP shirt buttons - the "AK"!!!

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Going to try out pinning this thread to get increased visibility for these amazing buttons as well as give a little something back to the guys behind this excellent site. Just got in these incredible 18L natural white MOP shirt buttons with matching 16L and 14L sizes!! The 18L are 3.5mm thick, the 16L are 3.2mm thick and the 14L are 2.8mm thick. These buttons are considered by many to be the ultimate Mother of Pearl button for size 18L due to the thickness, shape and shine! I have dubbed this the "AK" as it is the same button used by famed shirtmaker Alex Kabbaz!! I have included a few photos here with one of his buttons for comparison. Note the curved, saucer-like bottom and the design of the wider rim on the top. Sizes 14 to 18L: Comparing an official AK button and these - can you guess which is which?: Okay, mine is on the right in all the photos! Some shirts were made for 16L and 14L buttons and look best with excellent, thick MOP in that size. Some, however, are meant to go to the next level with the incomparable 18L button. What is your shirt calling for? The "AK" button is available at $1.85 for the 18L, $1.55 for the 16L and $1.45 for the 14L. Shipping is FREE for CONUS and only $1.50 to anywhere else in the world! All orders are shipped in the same high quality packaging and are sent via USPS First Class mail. There are many ways to configure your shirt when using size 18L buttons so there isn't really a "standard" setup. For example, one way is to have 7 of size 18L for the front placket and collar with 2 size 16L's for the cuffs and 2 size 14L's for the forearm sleeve. Or, some prefer a slightly smaller button at the collar and would use 6 size 18's on the front with a 16L for the collar. If you have any questions, just sent me a message! Paypal and Google Checkout approved; please PM me for details. Here is the previous MOP button thread for additional pictures and information: Previous MOP for-sale thread The natural shiny white MOP and the smoke color MOP have the same specs: size 16L is 4.00mm thick and size 14L is 3.5mm thick. The white Mother of Pearl buttons are available at $1.75 -> 1.65 per button. The smoke Mother of Pearl buttons are available at $1.90 -> 1.75 per button. I guarantee that you will love these buttons as much as I do. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply return them safely to me and I will refund 110% of your money. I am that confident that these are absolutely among the best buttons in the world. cheers, Sean Paul Here is the original MOP button thread for more background information and feedback from other members: Original MOP for-sale thread
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hum, so many gorgeous buttons to choose from these days. I am waiting for a small batch from mat135ta, and may give these 18L a try later on. For comparison, can you take pictures of them along side some othre more well known buttons, such as Isaia, Borrelli, Fray, etc? Good luck with the sale!
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Thanks! Yes, I'll see what I can do about snapping a few pics next to some of the high-end OTR shirts with thick MOP buttons. FYI, the 4mm buttons I have for sale look to be the exact same as the ones on many of the Borrelli shirts. Fray uses an even thicker button than 4mm, if I recall correctly. As for Isaia, one of my earlier button posts had a comparison pic between the 4mm 16L buttons I carry and an Isaia button. The link should be available here, it may be at the bottom in my original MOP button thread. cheers, Sean Paul Edit: BTW, all of the above mentioned OTR shirtmakers use 16L size buttons as their standard, if I recall correctly. Some OTR shirts have 18L's but not those brands on their typical shirts.
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Nicest MOP buttons yet on this forum.
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post
Nicest MOP buttons yet on this forum.

Thanks, HORNS!! The kind words are appreciated.

I don't think I'll be able to pin this thread for another week right now as the response wasn't strong enough to cover those kinds of costs. I like having it up here, tho, and hope to try again another time.

FWIW, I sell all of these MOP buttons online in various other places but only SF'ers get a discounted price, and of course further room for discount on volume purchases!

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I received my order today (timely!)....These buttons are brilliant; I am very pleased with all my purchases so far. I've ordered the AK in 14,16&18L + the thick MOP style in smoked and white; they are equally nice. for all of you who plan on placing an can be sure to get the best of the best from S.P. Keep up the wonderful work S.P.
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I got a set, and everything was handled very promptly. The size (18l) and the shape really bring out the luster of the shell (and these are really nice MOP shell). Great buttons, thanks.
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pm sent
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Sending an order by pm now
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PM sent.
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Time to replenish the stock. PM sent.
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