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Are you marrying a plumbing heiress?
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Hey hey, 


I know the thread is outdated but engagement rings still aren't :). So, I want to buy a unique one and I found the perfect custom gemstone ring  (a friend recommended the jewelry store), but

I would like to hear some of your (updated) experience when it comes to this matter?



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Originally Posted by mikeandrews View Post

 So, I want to buy a unique one and I found the perfect custom gemstone ring  (a friend recommended the jewelry store)



If you want it to be unique how can you achieve this by buying from a webstore?


There is nothing wrong with buying online, I did, but what you get isnt going to be unique.


Personally I wouldnt go for a sapphire with a halo as it is far too much like the Prince William/ Kate engagement ring and there has been a big spike in that style since their engagement.


From my experience, ensure you know her tastes, in theory she'd be wearing this thing almost every day for life. For the same reason think of something thats going to be practicle - I like marquise cut diamonds but they are prone to having the tips chipped off and so a risk for a daily wear item. Also consider what it may look like/ issues it may create when there is a wedding ring involved too, there are some amazing rings out there but they arent designed to have another ring next to them.


For my consipary theory side - do some reading. Whilst this isnt an "investment" it feels bad to grossly overpay the value of something but there are plenty of companies out there that know guys arent big on knowledge and will peddle substandard items at high prices. Many coloured stones can be heat treated to "improve" their colour, some can be grown in the lab, diamonds and other stones can be drilled and filled to remove inclusions etc. With certification you need to know who has certificated it as not all companies are as strict as the next plus some retailers self certify which basically means they are uncertified.


To most people these arent going to cause visual issues but if the retailer was honest it would greatly reduce the price of the item. Once you've decided what you want read up and ask the relevant questions of the retailer to ensure you know how their price really is. Its fine to buy a lab grown and heat treated stone as long as you arent paying the price of a natural stone but certainly here there is no requirement for these facts to be declared unless you ask.

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