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Singer 911

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Anyone else see this on Autoblog today/yesterday? It's magnificent. I believe I saw somebody on a Porsche forum do something very similar to this on an unlimited budget and it really piqued my interest in resto-mod early-style 911's, my favorites, but the stuff on this Singer, like the woven interior scheme on the Recaros and panels, the Heuer chrono in the dash, the subtle body and lighting mods beyond the loud fenders, the whole thing is great. If it were keeping the original VIN, I could import this to my country and insure it cheaply, at the rate of a 70's or 80's 911.

I'd like mine in Audi Aviator Grey, no stickers or badges.

I wonder how much it'd be to create something like this, maybe with a milder engine, and less of the fine details, but the same essential formula?
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check here.

964s rebodied into vintage replicas. they're awesome to look at but $$$$$$$.

love the neo-fuchs too
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Wow, those (PSAutoArt) are horrendous. The rear 3/4 view ought to be banned by federal law. That green faux-72/73 looks retarded, like someone yanked on it and extended the wheelbase. Eeeeeeech!
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I see the appeal, but these aren't for me - if I were looking for a vintage 911, I'd want a swb 911, stock, in as nice a condition as I could find it. The money people spend on these backdates would get you a new 911 turbo.
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