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I remember getting papered by the Academy of Art in SF after my first year of public art school - $30k/year (then) and no portfolio review. What a fucking joke.
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I used to work at MICA for a few months. There are some very helpful people in the Undergrad Admissions office. Give them a call and they can evaluate your portfolio. It's a good school and most of the students I've met are decent people.
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So what did you end up doing? I have been in art school and can't say it was a smart choice. It was easy to get lazy since noone demanded much of me there, focus more on other things than work. Plus you need to get a normal (most likely boring) job sooner or later anyway (99,9% of us), and art school doesn't lead to any job opportunities you wouldn't have before you started. Think call center, elderly home etc. What's important is your social skills in art school, networking and all that shit. Plus some luck, and forget buying expensive clothes.
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No No No No No No No No No No

You will discover it is completely overpriced, so many hipster kids living on their parent's dime because they wanted to be "cool" and not go to a conformist 4-year. The majority of the alumni I know or have talked to from art schools are working construction or oddjobs/retail.

(P.S. I didn't read past the 1st page. I don't know if anyone said anything similar to this.)
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In the end it boils down to your book, your percieved work ethic and whether or not you click during the interview. If your art school is prestigious enough or has a good alumni network, that may open some doors but is no guarantee. I've seen plenty of mediocre books and reels from graduates of top art schools and kick ass portfolios from kids that learned everything on the job. Whether or not you are a self starter will play a bigger role than where you get your degree, or if you even have one.
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