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What time of year is appropriate???

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I always thought that suede shoes were for fall/winter. Am I wrong in my thinking or does it depend on the color or the suede. I ask because i was thinking about purchasing some biege suede gucci loafers and wanted to know if i could wear them in the summer time.
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I consider suede to be like any other calfskin shoe and wear it year round. I let the type of shoe determine what weather to wear it in - a loafer to me is warm weather shoe no matter what it's made from.
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for some reason ive heard the same thing, that suede is meant only for fall and winter, but I really couldnt disagree more. A nice tan pair of suede shoes looks great with cotton and linen suits. I guess lighter colors might be more appropriate, for the shoes, in the summer.
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Suede shoes are good year round. White or off-white suede bucks are the quintesential summer shoe.
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Region and tradition determine this. Here in the South (US), suede shoes are put away sometime in March and certainly before Easter. It is appropriate to wear them again sometime around Halloween. Also, we don't consider suede an option for suit wear - unless of course you enjoy looking like a carpetbagger. Our Yankee friends say suede is appropriate year round', so it depends here where you are and what you want to have said about you(lol).
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Thanks for all your fast responses. From what i've read, it will be safe to wear them in the summer time. If it matters, i live in Detroit, Michigan.
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Speaking of suede, there's a great pair of allen edmonds suede captoes, size 9D....about $100.
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Oh snap, I got my Ferragamo's the other day. They're bone-colored suede, and they're pretty cool and a real steal at $40. My only apprehension is getting them all scuffed and dirty. Even now there are little faint marks that look like... lipstick? I'm guessing the previous owner had a lady friend who got a little too intimate with his footwear... So, any cleaning/care tips?
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