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Originally Posted by rexzors21 View Post

Snagged some Eastern Standard Chukka off Bolyston Trading Co 35% off for $300. Pretty happy, can't wait for them to arrive, took me a while to find the right boot for me, looked at Wolverine, Red Wings, and Alden, but went with the Timberlands.


How'd these turn out foryou? how's the quality, and what do you think of the suede top?

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I too am interested in your experience with these boots

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I just got the exact boot for 150 shipped on myhabit. They still have a bunch left in all sizes so if you need a referral send me a pm. I'll let you guys know how these turn out. Ordered a half size down. I just wish they had the full leather ones for sale because I like those the best.
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timberland cleaning and waterproof solution. Anyone provide better method to protect your new purchase boots. Also, concerning about the quality after snowing & raining days in the city
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Timberland boots, anyone dress in now. Please take a photos.

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Was browsing the net and found this. Nice chukka
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Just got my Timberland Boot Company Eastern Standard Chukka's in! Will post fit pics later on this week. Here are a few pics with my iphone:


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Sorry for the sideways shot


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These are not yet available on the Timberland website, but got them because of a warranty exchange. You can however phone order them, mention style # 4025R.


Overall evaluation is amazing and I would rate this better than anything I have seen Timberland produce! Plus, they are made in the U.S.A., that's a good plus. MSRP is a bit steep at $475, but you can find these on sale on other shoe sites like Zappos.


I'm usually a size 10.5, but went with 10 because I know that they do run a little big. Can't wait to break these in!


If any other SF members reading this, please post pics of your Boot Company boots, chukkas, or shoes and tell us what you think of them!

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I like mine a lot.  They have a lot of character but I just wish they didn't come predistressed.  I think they're nice boots, however I wouldn't pay over 220 for them because at that point I'd probably get a pair of wolverine 1000 mile boots.  If you can find them for at least 50% off I think they're a good deal.  

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A quick 1st Impression video of the Windchill Chukka Boot. 


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I'm 15 yrs late but got these last week and I just dont want them to get dirty

costs around £160

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Great place to find the timberlands you are looking for:

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Originally Posted by MrHappyHappy View Post

A quick 1st Impression video of the Windchill Chukka Boot. 


You can get these here:

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Any deal on TBC right now?  Don't feel like paying MSRP for them.  Thanks.

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Bought these a month ago and I have not been able to find a stock photo/name for these Timbs. Can anyone help me i.d. these bad boys?   BlackTimbs.png 9,127k .png file  

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Originally Posted by sockpuppets View Post


Originally Posted by Tigris View Post

Timberland are the only boots I've worn and I really dig them. Might look into Alden someday but I'm more than satisfied with what I've got.

Timberland Boot Company is their premium line. They have some innovative designs, some I love, some I hate. None are like regular timberlands in appearance or build though. I've been fortunate enough to pick some off of eBay or other discount venues but bit the bullet at retail on the colrain 8". TBC Boot Porn!
can someone help me where can i find these? Or name model or code
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