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Pocket silks

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OK guys, came home from work today and found that my new cats decided that my pocket squares made for tasty treats. They have ruined almost all of my silk pocket squares. Thankfully I stores my ties and other things that cats would like to chew on out of the way. So I am in a situation where I need to completely rebuild my collection. Does anyone know of any online sites that meet the typical quality/price parameters we look for? Thanks
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::reeling in horror::
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Oh no. Decorative snot rags destroyed by savage beasts... Sorry. Couldn't resist.
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wow. damned cats. you can get turnbull and asser silks for a steal from ebay, just do a search for turnbull, then by clothing and accessories. there are at least 10 to 15 pocket silks listed, and turnbull is a great make.
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HRHAndrew:  I've over the past week bought 17 new silk pocket squares, 16 of which from  this seller.   She has tended to sell a group of about ten pocket squares at a time, then, relist a new group immediately.  My collection already includes six of this sellers pocket squares with 17 additional on the way, and I can tell you they are first rate.  The average price that I've had to pay is about $23 per.  Check out the "View Seller's Other Items".  While she doesn't offer the "Buy it Now" option, I've paid between $10 and $47.  Mostly T&A, three Thomas Pink, and one Gieves & Hawkes.  Great way to build or, in my case, rebuild your pocket square collection for a reasonable cost.
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For some basic squares I'd check out Hanauer, primarily known for their bowties (and nice ones, I might add). All of their products are USA (Rock Hill, SC) made, to my knowledge.
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