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Will you ever have enough clothing to satisfy you?

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Will you ever have enough clothing to satisfy you?

I'm making this thread to try and understand if there comes a time when one should stop investing a ton of money into new clothing, and instead be satisfied with the clothing he already has, and use his money for other things instead.

What do you think of these matters?

Will you always spend a lot of your money on clothing for your entire life?

Will you ever stop doing spending a lot of money on clothing?

Do you think it is worthwhile to spend lots of money on clothing for most of one's life, or is an alternative path more worthwhile?
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Must... dress... well...

Need... more... clothes...
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I'm young and don't have much in terms of officer appropriate clothes (start work September). So, I really just plan on collecting until I'm settled in with what I want... then I'll stop. The problem is, there is a lot to have. Even if you had every "staple" it'd take a lot of time and money. At least I focus on staying fit so hopefully whatever clothes I buy, if I also take care of them, will last me...
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No one will ever have enough clothes. We buy clothes to achieve an image or aesthetic, once that one has beena chieved there will always be a new one to persue. Basic "Ideal Self Fulfillment" theory...
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More, more, more! I am a maximalist in these matters. 100 pairs of shoes is only a way-station on the way to 300. A 10,000 book library is better than a 5,000 book library.

This is one of the reasons that I choose to be single, by the way. I have no one to answer to but myself, hence there are no arguments over purchases (which is quite delightful). My cat likes all of it.
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I have no choice, with a single door built-in robe + chest of drawers for socks, underwear and shorts ... pretty much every time I buy something I have to get rid of something else. And I've run out of stuff to get rid of!
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No sir. Its an incurable disease.
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Just when I think I am set, there's always something that catches my eyes.
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There may well be a limit to the amount of clothing I can amass, though I don't think I've reached it yet. However, with my limited buying power, the opportunity for upgrading and diversifying within a wardrobe of limited size is almost endless. So I don't see myself reaching a point where I stop acquiring more clothing.
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Interesting question and replies. A few years ago I remember telling a co- worker that I really didn't need any more clothes. This was when I was working in a very casual environment and had several decent suits gathering dust in the wardrobe at home.

Then I moved into a more white collar environment and really got the buying bug. I am now back to the frame of mind that, having acquired all the staples and then some, I am only a few items away from being 'finished'. I wonder if a few years from now I will think back to this post at how naive I was to believe this.

I am hoping to be teaching in a university next year which I hope will provide an environment for me to get a bit more wear out of my more avant gard items, so that students will just write off the striped boating blazer or the seersucker suit as just the eccentric style of that professor from England!
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I have enough now.
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Enough I have already. That doesn't mean I don't buy more. These two concepts are divorced for me.
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I don't even want to think about how many years and dollars I have spent with this madness.
Enough to satisfy? Yes, knowing that even when I purge most of what I have soon,
I will still be better dressed with a well-disciplined core wardrobe, than most men on the street.
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Only thing I've bought in the last year or so has been half a dozen shirts. Have enough.
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I have bought very little in the past few years. I intend to replace my wardrobe in the next 18 months or so, and then I might not buy anything for 20 years or so, if I am lucky.
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