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Nom de Guerre F/W 2010

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Nom de Guerre just posted their F/W 2010 look book on their site:
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Slimmed-down army surplus steeze. I like.
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http://www.nomdeguerre.net/lookbook/fw10_lookbook/5.jpg Would love to see a full size shot of this coat.
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I like this lookbook a lot more than their previous ones, interesting concept. Not sure how much of this I'd consider picking up though.
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I didn't buy anything from the SS2010 collection but last fall they had moved some of their production to China. Prices seem to have gone down a bit as well. Can anyone give me any information about this?
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Prices are indeed cheaper but it really depends where you're located. It's more expensive in europe, cost twice as much. Some accessories are made in china. Some like jeans are still made in japan. I need to check out this collection in person. Can't really make out the clothes from their lookbook. I'm usually interested in their knits and basic shirts. A guy at the sample sales told me they are planning to open up a ground level store sometime next year.
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Ground level? Nom De Guerre's bunker was the best thing about them.

This will be an interesting collection, I really dig the shirting and technical outerwear. It looks like after the major price reduction of last season they're swaying a little more back in the direction of streetwear (remember when Nom De Guerre did an airmax?)

Where's the individual looks page though? That one gives a better idea of what to expect and gives names for pieces.
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Originally Posted by madstaxbro View Post

God damn.

turned into pic because that scar is awesome. It's like some Rwandan refugee escaped to europe and became a model
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Looks like someones been playing too much CoD.
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This is pretty stupid. Props for trying something new out but the lack of color and dynamism really undoes the clothing. On top of that, there aren't any full shots of the clothes, and the stuff they do show isn't really distinguishable from costume.. It looks like Splinter Cell, the film
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concept is stupid/goofy, but some of the clothes look nice.
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NdG's lookbooks get more redic as time goes on Soon it will just be shots of 556 rounds
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Originally Posted by Razele View Post
Soon it will just be shots of 556 rounds

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