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I just pooed 4 times because of my lunch - Page 3

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When I first read this thread, while in Mexico, I lol'd just a bit.

Now that I'm home, have hit the crapper about a dozen times, and each time been rewarded with lumpy battery acid, I no lol so much now.
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I love shitting.
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Originally Posted by TGPlastic View Post
I love shitting.

I do too, but not when it sounds like a fire hose discharging into the helpless toilet at full pressure.
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i saw this thread yesterday, forgot about it, and not 15 mins after dinner i had mud butt followed by 4 separate splatter sessions throughout the night. been eating fish in the caribbean for a week and last night i hammered myself with BBQ, mac and cheese, and collards for the return meal. thanks.
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Originally Posted by SField View Post
Nope, for the 40th time in this thread, I get sick like this any time I consume a high fat meal.

I experienced this after 10¢ wing nights.
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Do you feel like having a drill on the right part of your stomach ?

It happens to me every time I go to Mickey D.
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Not quite on this scale but I don't usually eat fried foods very often and once after a period of over a year of not having any fried stuff at all I had some fried chicken and it very desperately wanted to leave my system with a couple of hours.

Nothing on this scale though.
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so did you leave and come back 4 times? i think one sitting counts as one dump
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Had 30 wings at wingstop last week. I know "Atomic" is in reference to its spicyness, but I'm pretty damn my shit after those wings was pretty atomic...
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